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Over recent years, the world seems to have been consumed by Airbnb. Given the plethora of stories and coverage the brand has dominated, travelers could be forgiven for thinking Airbnb is the only option on the market that involves property owners renting to travelers.

With VRBO, however, is not the case. VRBO stands for “vacation rental by owner” and is a similar service to Airbnb, but without the significant attention from the press. Their rentals are available in over 190 countries, and the service has been operating for well over a decade. Is it a good option for travelers looking for accommodation? We compiled a list of advantages and things to be aware of when choosing VRBO to find the best travel deals.

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The Advantages Of Using VRBO For Travel Deals

Huge Range Of Options

VRBO is a long-established site and, as a result, has a vast range of accommodation options available. There is something to suit most preferences and budgets, and over two million properties on the site. Users are sure to find a property that suits their needs.

A Home-Away-From-Home Experience

VRBO offers a simple and useful service that makes home comforts more attainable while on vacation. For many travelers, this is far preferable to conventional hotel arrangements. Sharing this niche market with the likes of Airbnb with has helped them to increase their popularity over the years.

No Guest Fees

VRBO do charge fees for their listings. However, these charges are not passed on to the guest. Instead, the property owner pays these fees. Having this clear pricing structure is of great benefit for travelers who are sick of hidden fees that tend to creep up at the checkout on other sites. For this reason, they may be an affordable option to consider over other sites offering a similar service.

Things To Be Aware Of When Choosing VRBO For Travel Deals

Variable Policies

Unlike a conventional travel agent website, there are no best practice policies stipulated by VRBO. They have not provided a framework of appropriate policies and procedures that property owners need to follow. Therefore, property owners have free reign regarding the terms and conditions they wish to offer, which can be problematic. For example, some property owners do not accept cancellations, and some run a no-refund policy. Users should, therefore, be wary of reading individual property terms and conditions before confirming any bookings via VRBO.

No Guarantee The Property Will Match The Listing

VRBO does not create property listings on behalf of the owner. As the owner of the property posts their listing, there is a higher likelihood that discrepancies may exist between the advertisement and the reality of the property. As with other sites of this nature, travelers are advised to read the customer reviews before booking on VRBO. Reading the reviews can provide a more accurate reflection of what the property is actually like.

Only Deals With One Aspect Of A Vacation

VRBO are specialists when it comes to offering holiday accommodation. While being a niche market provider has its benefits it can be limiting for users if they are seeking an all-inclusive booking experience. At the time this article was written, they only offered accommodation booking. Users who prefer to spend less time visiting multiple sites will not have options to book flights and experiences at this stage. It is uncertain whether they will offer other aspects of travel such as car rental, and other vacation necessities. They could benefit, by providing these options to users who may prefer a simplified booking process at a single, “one-stop” website.

In Conclusion

VRBO is an alternate to Airbnb in the host-provided accommodation market. If you haven’t explored what they have to offer, they are an excellent, and affordable option for travelers who are seeking more than just the standard hotel accommodation.



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