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When looking for travel deals, most people will check TripAdvisor at some point in their search. For nearly 20 years, they have been at the heart of the online travel industry. A hub of everything from customer reviews of hotels, excursions, and destinations around the world. Since they’ve added hotel and experience booking to their platform, the independent site seems unstoppable. TripAdvisor has become so popular that few people make a vacation booking without checking their reviews first.

However, TripAdvisor is more than just a review site. They’ve made it possible to book your entire trip. As well as purchase various vacation-related necessities, all in one place. To review the myriad of options on offer, we tested the site out. Noting the advantages and disadvantages of using them.

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The Advantage Of Using Tripadvisor For Travel Deals

A Huge List Of Reviews For Almost Anywhere

Many users will check TripAdvisor before finalizing an online travel booking. Being able to see the reviews about a hotel or experience and book them on the same site is convenient. By doing this, they help to streamline the booking process. It is ideal for users who wish to make their booking as quickly as possible, without too much fuss.

Payment Protection Policy

TripAdvisor offers a payment protection policy that they claim is unique in the travel industry. This policy states that TripAdvisor will provide you a full refund if the following circumstances apply to your booking:

•    You are prevented or denied access to your chosen accommodation during check-in

•    The accommodation has been “misrepresented”; such as It is substantially different to the advertisement.

As always, do your research to find out what constitutes “misrepresentation”. Most travelers perception of this term can be somewhat subjective. On the whole, however, this policy is an excellent value added service. One that TripAdvisor’s users can ultimately benefit from.

Wide Variety Of Accommodation Options

TripAdvisor has indeed made an effort to cater to all types of travelers with their accommodation options. They offer a wide range of possibilities which is great for customers. Encompassing everything from business suites to cozy cottages perched on the edge of a mountain. The diversity of choice is substantial. Couple this with the sheer number of reviews on properties, means you’re on your way to something suiting you.

Things To Be Aware Of When Using Tripadvisor For Travel Deals

Not A Bookings Specialist

For many years, TripAdvisor’s primary function has been their review facility. They have since increased their ability to book travel deals. However, this new service may be limited compared to specialist travel agent websites.

Relatively High Prices

Although not extortionate, TripAdvisor may not always be the best choice. That is if you’re looking for the cheapest possible travel deals. While good deals are available. You may need to consider other options if budget and quality are your concern. They do have a wide variety of cheaper options available. However, you may find that the reviews lean toward the saying “you get what you pay for.”

The Potential Of Misleading Reviews

Separating the reviews from the booking experience on TripAdvisor is impossible. Unfortunately, these reviews may sometimes be unreliable. Reliability is something they have a long-established issue with. Plus, travelers often question their reviews too. It’s easy to see how booking purely on review is persuasive. Especially basing decisions on the strength of many fantastic reviews. So we recommend, to double-check other sites when looking for opinions on a venue or destination.

In Conclusion

Compared to some travel sites, TripAdvisor may be limited. However, the convenience of having comprehensive reviews with the opportunity to book directly make them worthy of exploration.



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