Travelocity – the Pro’s and Con’s

Travelocity Review and Deals LogoTravelocity is an online travel agent with tenacity. Since 2015, the long-established site has been part of the Expedia Group. They, however, still stands alone from its parent site. With a reputation for providing a range of travel options and deals, They have continued to maintain their online presence throughout the years.

What matters to users, of course, is how useful they can be when searching for great vacation options. To provide the insight that users require, we’ve looked into both the advantages and things to be aware of when using them. In doing so, prospective Travelocity users can be better informed about what to expect.

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The Advantages Of Using Travelocity For Travel Deals

Huge Range Of Options

Travelocity is a true one-stop shop for every vacation need that a user may have. From deals on flights, fabulous cruises, exciting experiences, and activities. Travelers can book everything from a single site. Everybody wants to save time and they does this well. So that helps eliminate confusion during the planning process. It also keeps the entire management of a trip as streamlined as possible.

Easy To Use Across All Platforms

Given its longevity, it should come as no surprise that Travelocity has been able to adapt to modern trends to produce their user-friendly website. Even those who aren’t tech savvy should breeze through the site with ease. Travelocity also has an app that performs excellently.

Speed Of Booking

Many travel sites have lengthy, and drawn-out booking processes. Travelocity, though, is commendable for how it limits the duration of this process. If users are in a hurry, they can navigate the site with speed. Then secure their booking within a minimal number of clicks.

The Disadvantages Of Using Travelocity For Travel Deals

The Pricing Isn’t As Competitive

Customers who are looking for bargain basement prices may be disappointed. Travelocity has a limited range of offers on their website. They are not expensive per se, but it’s far from the best site for cheap deals. With that said, they do offer an incentive. If you find a lower price on an identical deal within 24 hours of booking, they will refund the difference. Plus they’ll provide you with a $50 credit towards future purchases.

Indirect Booking

Travelocity does not operate hotels, airlines, and experiences. Instead, they act as a third-party, which means that users will be redirected to other sites. Unfortunately, this can sometimes be problematic. Since the third party confirms the booking and not the actual airline or hotel.

Some Unfavorable Reviews

According to various customer review sites, Travelocity’s customer service experience leaves much to be desired. Many of the issues seem to stem from the problems caused by indirect booking. We recommend that users should double check they have their email confirmations to avoid any issues. Otherwise they should verify the reservation with the provider when using them.

In Conclusion

Travelocity is a useful site that offers a range of options for travelers. While it does not provide anything particularly original as part of its service. They still excel at what they do. As a result, users may well benefit from looking through their offerings when searching for their next travel deal.


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