More Than Just Rodeos & BBQ

If you thought that Texas was just about rodeos and barbeque, think again! As one of the largest U.S states land mass wise, it’s got more on offer than an all-you-can-eat buffet! With its rich and rowdy history, there’s certainly more to discover deep in the heart of Texas. Here’s a taste of our top 4 reasons why you should visit Texas, other than the greatest bbq on earth!

1. Take a Journey Through America’s Rich History

Top4Texas Article cannonTexas’s rich history dates as far back as 1519 when the coastline was first explored and mapped by the Spanish explorer, Alonso Alvarez de Pineda. The land itself has seen its share of war and progress, well-displayed in the many museums. Check out the Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza in Dallas, which hosts an emotional exhibition chronicling the life and death of President John F. Kennedy. Houston has more than 19 museums in a 1.5-mile radius of the Mecon Fountain, making it a favorite hub for American history buffs. You can explore by taking your own walking tour or hop-on and off a double-decker bus for a guided touring experience. Whichever way you choose to explore the state’s colorful history, enjoy uncovering some of the little-known facts and secrets as part of your holiday.

2. Strap On Your Dancing Shoes!

Top4Texas Article MusicAustin has one of the most vibrant music scenes in the world and has more than just country music on offer. Once known as the Armadillo World Headquarters, the scene changed back in 1972 when artists like Willie Nelson stepped on to the stage. If you love live music, check out the Austin Live Music Crawl for the chance to hear great music at various venues all curated Texan style.

3. Take a Trip to the Hill Country

Top4Texas Article PeachWho wouldn’t like to sit amongst the lavender fields and peach orchards while sipping a crisp glass of wine? Take a road trip out of San Antonio to experience some great Texan wine and even visit Lyndon B. Johnson’s boyhood home.  The towering limestone and granite hills adorn this part of the countryside alongside beautiful flora including the yucca, prickly pear cactus and desert spoon to name but a few. Take a Texas Hill Country Tour and explore the German heritage town of Fredericksburg including lunch in a Biergarten. Wine tasting and a trip to Mr.Johnson’s ranch are also included.  Yee Haw!

Stay: Hoffman Haus

4. Fixer Upper Fan? Say No More

Top4Texas Article MagnoliaWhile Waco was hardly on the map as tourist destination years ago, it’s now a bustling hub of activity boasting some beautiful sights and of course, ‘Magnolia Mecca’. Fixer Upper fans have been flocking to Waco to experience the various attractions mentioned on the show and to even take a selfie at the visitor center with Chip and Joanna.

If you’re lucky, you could book your accommodation at Magnolia House or Hillcrest Estate but after their debut on the show, they are usually booked solid. You might have to personally call Joanna to pull some strings and get you a room!  

No luck with Joanna?  Hotel Indigo is a modern boutique hotel that is within walking distance to the Magnolia Silos. Pretty handy after a long day on the trail!

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The Best Time to Visit

Texas is great all year round as there is so much on offer at every time of the year.  If you want to see the wildflowers, springtime is ideal. Temperatures are still a balmy 70-80 degrees during the day in Autumn, which is perfect for checking out the Texas State Fair and a variety of Thanksgiving parades and festivities throughout the state. As always you should check out when best flight deals are from your destination before you decide to visit.

So whatever floats your boat, Texas has a lot to offer statewide! Strap on your cowboy boots and get ready to boot scoot your way across one of the greatest states in America!

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