The Las Vegas Top 5 Mistakes To Avoid

Las Vegas, a.k.a Sin City, is an exciting place to visit. No matter what time of the year you decide to go it’s always full on. There are a few mistakes however, that you’ll need to avoid. Especially if you want to make sure that your time in Vegas isn’t fraught with disaster.

Here’s a short list of the worst mistakes people make both in planning the trip and while there.

Mistake #1 Planning Your Trip During The Holidays

5 Worst Mistakes Las Vegas Crowds

Do you think the traffic is terrible in your hometown? Las Vegas will beat it any time of the day or year. This is also especially the case over the holidays. If this is the only time of year when you get vacation days then it can be hard. But you’ll spend most of your time fighting the craziness of the crowds and more money trying to get into the best party.

So, if you’re looking for a similarly priced option for your vacation over the holidays, you’re better off choosing destinations like Mexico and the Bahamas instead. While we understand it’s not the off-peak time to travel to those beachy destinations too. However, you’ll probably have a much better experience that will still cost you less than going to Vegas. Depending on your departure city, you can get return flights to Nassau for under $300. And cheap hotel deals from as little as under $150 per night. If you don’t mind the crowds and craziness, then, by all means, spend New Years in Las Vegas.

Here’s a tip. Las Vegas is commonly considered a two-day-town. So booking a long vacation there isn’t always a desirable choice. So you may choose to book a weekend in Las Vegas rather than using up your precious vacation days. It’s an great way to avoid all of these dilemmas and still get your Vegas fix!

Mistake #2 Visiting The Casino During Daylight Hours

5 Worst Mistakes Las Vegas Casino

While the daytime hours are typically less-crowded, be wary. You run the risk of losing track of both the time and how much you’ve spent. While the allure of finding an open table or slot machine may be appealing. Be careful not to get lost in the vortex of the casino excitement. Especially if you are lucky enough to win some! An excellent tip to follow if you can’t resist the temptation of the empty slot machine is to set an alarm to make sure you don’t miss out on something else that you have planned for the day. If you can’t see the light of day, you’re more likely to forget about the time.

Mistake#3 Taking Full Advantage Of The Free Drinks

5 Worst Mistakes Las Vegas Drinks

Most people don’t realize that their judgment may be impaired after only a having couple of drinks. So while you might think you’re doing o.k; when the alcohol is flowing freely, tread carefully as this is a slippery slope that could land you in serious trouble either financially or otherwise. If you are going to Vegas to have an ‘all-you-can-drink’ weekend, then make sure you eat regularly, stay hydrated with water and draw straws with your travel buddies to hand over ‘babysitting’ duties.

Mistake#4 Booking The Best Accommodation In The Worst Location

5 Worst Mistakes Las Vegas Motel

It’s just as important to check the location of your hotel as it is to get a great deal on your room. Don’t forget to check the map to see the location of your hotel, as there are plenty of super-cheap options in seedy areas that may look appealing, but will not be as safe as those in busier locations. The price may be a little higher to stay on the strip, but your safety and peace of mind are worth it.

Mistake#5 Going It Alone

5 Worst Mistakes Las Vegas Alone

Las Vegas may be packed with tourists all year long, but it’s not the place to ‘go-it-alone.’ Even if an area is buzzing with action, be alert and mindful of your surroundings. Also, realize the potential of getting lost on your own at night is there, And when groups of people are drunk and out to party it can be a dangerous combination. If you want to have a great time and stay safe, plan a trip with a bunch of friends. Then always travel together or at the very least, with one other person.

The Las Vegas strip is alive with eye-popping vistas and partygoers no matter what time of the year you visit. Stay safe and avoid the above mistakes when making your travel plans to visit Sin City.

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