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There are many ways to pack a suitcase. Smart packing involves finding the best way to tackle the packing clutter that you may have encountered in the past. Aim for efficiency, especially if you don’t have the option of having a porter on hand to carry your bags. Go Kon Mari style and fight the clutter monster!

You don’t have to learn the art of Feng Shui to pack efficiently for your next trip.  The key is to keep it simple. Read on to find some of the best packing tips that will have you on your way to packing ‘zen,’ in no time!

Smart Tip #1 – Plan For the Weather and Your Activities


Whatever you’re planning, the weather can be a source of hindrance to your trip if you are not prepared. While most travelers consider this when preparing their list of items to pack, overpacking still wreaks havoc on the prime real estate in their luggage.  Choose things that will not only suit the weather but also be suitable for your activities.

Smart Tip #2 Lay It Out and Cull, Cull, Cull!

Nothing is more annoying than overpacking, then finding that you’ve packed a bunch of things that don’t go together well and so they don’t get used. Have the weather forecast and the list of activities that you have planned at hand. Then begin by getting out the items that you think you’ll need for them. Start laying out your clothes so you can easily see what goes together, especially look for pieces that can make multiple outfits. A helpful tip for this is to keep to a similar color palette. Then cull what doesn’t work or is not a “must take” item. Taking items that are light and can be layered will also help with the space factor. You might be able to get away with just a carry-on bag and wouldn’t that be nice?

Smart Tip #3 – Double-Duty As Much As Possible

Items that can do double duty are the way to go such as, a sarong which can act as a scarf, head covering, light blanket and even a towel as they dry fast! 

Smart Tip #4 – Stuff Your Shoes!

Put socks and hosiery in your footwear will serve two purposes. It will help maintain the shape of your shoes and also save space.  Store shoes in bags to prevent the spread of dirt and germs to the rest of your clothes and only bring the shoes that you need. Wear your most space-hungry ones on the plane like your sneakers and if you don’t need those hiking boots, for heaven’s sake, don’t bring them!

Smart Tip #5 – Plastic Prevents Wrinkles

We’re not talking about throwing away your wrinkle cream and wrapping your face in saran wrap here.  You know those plastic bags that the dry cleaner uses to cover your clothes? They are excellent for interleaving between your clothes, and they will minimize those inevitable wrinkles caused by laying your clothes on top of each other.  So easy, and so useful!

Smart Tip #6 – Roll Some, Fold Others

If you’re not great at origami and not keen on learning, then roll away!  Rolling is also said to reduce wrinkles and allows you to pack clothing in a way that you can easily see what is available.  Pack in a vertical direction so that you can see each item and color coordinate if you feel so inclined. If you can easily see what you’ve got, it will uncomplicate the process of trying to find something to wear for the day. Flimsy items can be packed horizontally, especially if they are thin and don’t wrinkle easily.

Smart Tip #7 – Use Packing Cells or Pouches

Packing cells have revolutionized organization when it comes to packing.  A super functional item to have as they come in so many designs and sizes. Muumi Designs have some well made and sturdy pouches that are easy to see through, making it easier to see things at a glance.  Using packing cells to store jewelry and toiletries will also protect your them from loss or damage.  Look for travel gear that has individual compartments to avoid damage from leakage or damage from necklaces tangling.

Smart Tip #8 – Wear Your Bulkiest Items On The Plane

HowToPackSmart Article Bulky

If the weather deems that you have to bring your coat, then wear it on the plane.  With the temperature fluctuations that occur during a flight, you’ll likely get cold at some stage so you’ll be grateful for having this item handy.  As your luggage could use the extra room for other necessities, it’s always a good idea to wear your larger pieces on the plane.

Smart Tip #9 – Separate Multiple Currencies

If you’re traveling to different countries, you’re most likely going to be carrying various currencies.  Use small resealable pouches that you can see through. It’s also handy for storing your coins from different currencies after you’ve broken the bills.

Smart Tip #10 – Bring A Waterproof Laundry Bag

Bringing some waterproof travel laundry bags. A laundry bag? Yes! They are handy if you need an extra carry bag, or to carry wet bathing gear, and of course to store your dirty clothes. Also, make don’t stick the dirty clothes in the bag straight away, but keep them separate to air them out, and pack them just as you leave. This way, your clean clothes will stay fresh.

Smart Tip #11 Don’t Pack Your Essentials In Your Checked Bag

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Items such as medications, expensive jewelry, your phone charger and power bank should all be kept in your carry-on. Use a separate pouch or packing cell to house your technology accessories. This will keep them organized and make them easier to find when you need them.

Finally, when it comes to packing for any trip, being organized will make things simpler.  The extra effort and thought that you put in beforehand can make a difference in how much you enjoy your trip. Who knows, you may not need to break out the ‘Beast’ case and pack it to the hilt; a carry-on may be all you need, and wouldn’t that be sweet?

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