Lose Yourself In Savannah’s Southern Charm

Savannah Georgia is where you can lose yourself in the Southern charm. It simply oozes from the fairytale quarters of this gorgeous city. From the stunning architecture to mouth-watering restaurants. We’ve got ten of the most amazing things to do in Savannah. Drench yourself in the warm Savannah sun, and even more so in the friendly hospitality.

Visit Wormsloe Plantation

Savannah Ultimate Guide Of Things To Do Wormsloe Plantation

In the heat of the day, you’ll be seeking a place to rest your sun-soaked brow. Enjoy plenty of beauty as you linger under the shade of the Live Oaks wrapped in Spanish Moss at Wormsloe Plantation. The carefully curated plantation is one of Savannah, Georgia’s pride and joys. The Wormsloe Historic Site is only fifteen minutes away from Georgia’s historic district by car. When you drive down the mile and half entrance way to Wormsloe, expect to be transported to the 18th-century. This place is magical and full of rich history to explore.

Explore Tybee Island

Dreaming of a trip to the beach while you’re in Savannah? Tybee Island is home to some of Savannah’s beautiful barrier island beaches such as South Beach. The small city is less than 30 minutes away from downtown Savannah.

While you’re there, some must-see things include Tybee Island Light Station. This 18th-century lighthouse was built in 1773 and is the oldest one in Georgia. Another impressive experience worth having is a visit to Battery Garland, the old gun battery museum at Fort Screven. Tybee Island is a historic site with many intriguing stories to share and part of Georgia’s spine-tingling past.

Excite Your Taste Buds Roam At Savannah’s Wine Tasting Rooms

Savannah has a couple of gems in terms of its wine tasting rooms. Visit the Georgia Tasting Rooms at 306 W Julian Street and explore what they have to offer. The location is perfect as it’s in the City Market district of downtown Savannah. Their primary offerings include wines of Georgian origin and you can sample a few for a mere three dollars. Another tasty treat for food and wine lovers is The Salt Table at 51 Barnard Street, Savannah. They have an exceptional selection of salts, rubs, infused sugars, and everything a cook needs to take their home meals to the next level. While the focus of the Salt Table is predominantly food based, their wine tasting room will not disappoint.

Treat Your Inner Foodie To Some Delicious Southern Eats

Savannah Ultimate Guide Of Things To Do BBQ

The south has some of the best barbeque in the world! With mouth-watering places dotted all over the place, you’ll be enjoying a food coma in no time. For some of the best BBQ check out Wall’s Bar B Que and B’s Cracklin’ BBQ. Both places are out of this world for serving up classic Savannah style ribs, chicken, and homemade desserts.

If you’re looking for somewhere with a little fresh factor, look no further than Jason’s Deli. Jason’s Deli has plenty of mile-high sandwiches and fresh salads that will satisfy those looking for more than a sticky BBQ treat. Jason’s Deli is a popular spot for locals to grab a quick bite. Their busiest times are earlier in the day till around 2:30 pm. However, they’re open pretty late so if you go later in the afternoon, you’ll avoid the average 15-minute wait.

Visit The Olde Pink House

Savannah Ultimate Guide Of Things To Do Pink House

The Olde Pink House is a beautiful colonial house that has been restored and turned into an elegant restaurant. The upstairs restaurant is more of a fine-dining experience, with prices to match. However, the service and food at The Olde Pink House make it worth every cent.

For a more casual atmosphere, The Olde Pink House has a basement bar and eatery. Steeped in southern tradition, the Planter’s Tavern serves up southern favorites with a side of superb service.

The Olde Pink House is nearby the city center, as well as popular historic areas like the Juliette Gordon Low district. As part of Savannah’s charm, a visit to The Olde Pink House should be at the top of your list.

Bonaventure Cemetery

Savannah Ultimate Guide Of Things To Do Bonaventure CemetryThe Bonaventure Cemetery is known as Georgia’s most beautiful cemetery. The garden of tremendous oak trees joining branches in a canopy that adorns the walkways is stunning. As one of the oldest and most beautiful public cemeteries in Georgia, the combination of nature entwining itself with the artwork is somewhat magical.

This historic cemetery is on a picturesque cliff of the Wilmington River, which is east of Savannah. The cemetery has over one hundred acres to explore and guided tours by an art historian are available. It’s a family-friendly place where the kids can roam and learn about the fascinating history of the cemetery.

Georgia has a lot of history steeped in southern charm from Atlanta to Savannah, and everywhere in between. With beaches, history, and down-home food to write home about, there’s so much to discover in this peach of a place.

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