Beer Lovers Of The World Unite in Philadelphia

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Since 2007 Philadelphia has been proudly celebrating their love for cracking a cold one. They get together and applaud the frothy goodness by hosting the Philly Loves Beer Festival. With a mission to educate and create an authentic beer experience for connoisseurs and up and coming brewers. Consequently it’s the area’s biggest festival that’s brimming with flavor!

This year, from June 1st to June 10th, brewers of beer and cider will be joining this festivity. Participating in various events including demonstrations from Master Brewers, to the Tailgate Olympics. This is where you can play some fun games like giant beer pong.

What’s On The Calendar

June 1st – The Opening Tap @ The Fillmore 29 E Allen Street, Philadelphia

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The biggest and best will be out in full swing at the signature Opening Tap event on June 1st. It is when over 50 breweries will be putting their wares on offer. So quench your thirst as you listen to live music and kick-off the festival that promotes Philly in all it’s beer-loving glory.

If you’re looking for the VIP experience, tickets start at $66 and get you’ll gain entry at 6:30 pm (an hour earlier than General Admission). You will also receive unlimited pours from VIP breweries as well a fancy take-home glass. General admission tickets are around $46 and get you unlimited pours, excluding VIP pours, as well as a take-home tasting glass!


Be aware that the traffic If you’re going to the Opening Tap will be pretty busy. Especially, considering the Friday night traffic will be in play. You probably won’t want to be drinking and driving too. So we suggest you stay as close to the Fillmore as possible, so you can play all the more! The Penn’s View Hotel is close by, as is Wyndham Philadelphia Historic District hotel.

Getting Around

Using the local public transport – SEPTA system, can take a while to get used to. So if you’re only in town for this festival, using Uber or Lyft are your best ways around. You’ll avoid having to find parking also, which is a hot commodity in the city center.

Start Planning Your Trip

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