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Orbitz does not provide travel services themselves but instead seek to compare the offerings from other companies to deliver the best possible options to users. Interestingly, the Expedia Group bought them in 2015. This makes them part of a robust travel-focused parent company.

Orbitz, has an impressive lineage in the industry, now with the backing of the giant Expedia Group. It’s worth considering whether their offering to customers is beneficial. That’s why we set to work establishing the advantages and things to be aware of when booking travel plans through them.

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The Advantages Of Using Orbitz For Travel Deals

Decent Prices Available

As one would expect from a travel fare aggregator, Orbitz can deliver impressive results when it comes to finding affordable fares. Whether it’s flights, full packages, cruises, or even more niche activities, their reach goes far and wide. They are generally reliable regarding delivering affordable options to users.

Good Rewards Schemes

For those interested in obtaining rewards for their travel, Orbitz is sure to delight you. They have an impressive three-tiered reward system. Another bonus is that users can also take advantage of cashback rewards offered with their credit card. Users can enjoy cashback rewards on any bookings made on the site.

Speed Of Use

If users were to try and compile the data that Orbitz can produce in a matter of seconds, it would take hours if not days to complete. When looking for good travel deals, Orbitz provides both a useful and speedy overview of options available to travelers. Their simple to use platform can help to simplify the vacation-booking process.

Things To Be Aware Of When Choosing Orbitz For Travel Deals

Third-Party Booking

Orbitz does not operate flights, hotels, activities, or any other travel-related area themselves. Instead, they act as a third-party, which can add some complication if users experience a problem with their booking. Users are always advised to verify reservations with the provider after using any third-party site.

Less Desirable Website Design

Orbitz has enjoyed an online presence for over 15 years, however their site may not be as user-friendly as their competitors. While it works well and retrieves the fares as expected, the overall cluttered look may be considered cumbersome for some users. Given that many users making travel plans are often overwhelmed by their options, a more straightforward design may be preferable to some.

Watch Out For Hidden Fees

Budget-conscious travelers must be cautious when looking at the price Orbitz quotes for a deal. The prices that they display in the search results may not necessarily the full price that users can expect to pay at the checkout. Users should always be cautious when purchasing through them. Some hidden fees to look out for include baggage fees and taxes which can result in a significant price rise.

In Conclusion

While Orbitz may have the usual restriction issues as other third-party providers, the site is nevertheless a solid tool for travelers. Their variety of available options is also impressive. Overall, we found that Orbitz provides simplicity and choice for finding affordable options for travel.



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