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If you asked someone to name a hotel chain, it would take them mere seconds to name “Marriott.” The iconic chain has achieved worldwide recognition for their superb hotels, establishing themselves as a go-to brand for quality-focused travelers across the globe.

Marriott remains one of the key players in the hotel industry. With a total of 6,500 properties and 1.2 million rooms, their influence in the hotelier sphere is impressive. However, size does not always equal quality. We, therefore, set out to investigate their offering to travelers worldwide. We’ve described some of the advantages and things that travelers should consider when choosing to book with this well-known brand.

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The Advantages Of Choosing Marriott For Accommodation

Greater Market Share That Provides Substantial Choice For Travelers

Wherever you want to go, you can be reasonably confident that there will be a Marriott nearby. They have an impressive share of the market. Travelers wishing to book with them have will enjoy no shortage of options when looking for this brand in almost any destination. They’re exploring their options in providing alternative accommodation for their guests. They recently tested a home sharing program that will allow guests to have an experience similar to Airbnb. The news is exciting for regular guests as they will have more choice, backed by the trust created by the Marriott brand.

Reliably Consistent Service

Marriott has strived to provide exceptional customer service. They have been an award-winning choice among guests. Most recently their 120-room Courtyard by Marriott Hershey Chocolate Avenue won the 2017 Opening Hotel of the Year award. Travelers seeking consistency will enjoy the uniformity that they delivers as one their hotel is not notably different from another. For those who travel often, this can be very reassuring as they know what to expect from their Marriott stay.

Fantastic Loyalty Program For Frequent Travelers

Like many hotel chains, Marriott offers a superb rewards program. Their recent acquisition of the Starwood Preferred Guest Program promises much for loyal members of the brand. The benefits of this gigantic merger include fast-tracked Elite status, and the ability to redeem points across 6,500 hotels across 29 brands. Unlike many hotel chains, their loyalty program is rather generous which is excellent value for frequent guests. The program has five different tiers, with travelers only needing to book for as little as ten nights before accessing benefits. Unlike other rewards programs, this makes their membership program more accessible to a broader range of travelers, rather than just those who travel frequently.

Things To Be Aware Of When Choosing Marriott For Hotel Accommodation

Lack Of Individuality

The reliability and consistency of Marriott hotels can be a good thing. However, some travelers may find that their hotels may lack the individuality and personality that they can find at boutique establishments. While this may be a matter of taste, it’s something that users should consider when choosing a hotel from their brand.

Marriott Only Cater To One Area Of The Travel Experience

When choosing Marriott, users are only able to make a reservation for a single component of their vacation: their accommodation. While this is standard for most hoteliers, it means that users will have to source their flights and rental cars from at least one another provider. The lack of diversity may be an inconvenience for travelers who prefer a simplified, single-website booking process.

Cheaper Options Are Available

The lack of variety in both price and accommodation type has taken a toll on Marriott’s profits.  Niche providers such as Airbnb and Homestay are ever encroaching on the hotelier space. While they have provided reasonably priced accommodation by hotel standards, they are far from the least expensive option available. For travelers who are loyal to the Marriott brand, the price may not dissuade them. However, with increased competition in the budget accommodation space, travelers may find their prices to be higher than they wish to spend.

In Conclusion

It will be interesting to see the results of Marriott’s recent expansion into home-sharing experiences. Since they have curated an exceptional brand, travelers should not disregard the brand despite some of the disadvantages noted.  With a vast range of properties available across the world, Marriott is well worth considering.




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