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Kayak is a third-party website that assists users in finding the best possible travel deals. It is important to note that the company does not provide flights and hotels themselves. Instead, they function as a kind of meta-search engine that can help you peruse your choices with ease.

Kayak’s method of operation is not particularly unique. In a crowded marketplace, it can be difficult to know which sites provide both the best value for both your time and money. Are they worth checking the next time you’re booking a vacation? Let’s find out about some of the advantages and things to be aware of when using them.

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Last verified April 18, 2018
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The Advantages Of Using Kayak For Travel Deals

Lots Of Great Deals, And Specifically Late Deals

For a site like Kayak, one of their primary requirements is to provide users with better than good deals. Thankfully, they do well to achieve this, as there are plenty of great offers to be found on the site. Particularly noteworthy are their late travel deals, which offer bargain prices for those able to travel quickly.

Excellent App

The Kayak website is decent, but the mobile app is exceptionally well-designed and easy to use. The clean and simple platform shows that they are a forward-thinking company. They seems to understand that their customers may not always want to be in front of a desktop when making travel plans. Their app is definitely one of the more user-friendly apps out there, and worthy of a little exploration.

Extra Discounts And Private Deals

Finally, when users sign up to Kayak’s email list, they can expect to receive exclusive discounts of up to 35%. These discounts can really add up and make choosing them more desirable. The access to private deals exclusive to members means more flexibility in your budget to include other activities and options. For the money-conscious traveler, this is a real bonus.

The Disadvantages Of Using Kayak For Travel Deals

You Can’t Book Directly Through The Site

Kayak is only a portal to potential hotels, airlines, and other travel-related services. You cannot book directly through the site, so the process of making a reservation may be a little more convoluted than other direct booking sites. If you’re looking for a one-stop way to search for travel deals, they may be your first stop in finding solutions to meet your needs.

The Desktop Site Is Not Particularly Intuitive

While the mobile app is a breeze to use, Kayak’s desktop site may be somewhat lacking in the ‘user-friendly’ department. The app is there to use as an alternative, but this issue is less than ideal for users who would prefer to explore their vacation options on a bigger screen.

No Loyalty Incentives

As Kayak is a meta-search tool, they do not offer loyalty points or rewards. If you are looking to maximize some return on the vacations you book, they may not be the right choice for you. However, it’s a good idea to measure the benefits as the actual costs you’ll find on their site are much lower. Travelers may find it’s worth sacrificing the rewards to achieve the lower price. You’ll have to do the math on each deal to see if this is the case, though!

In Conclusion

Kayak has plenty to offer any type of traveler who is keen to find the best deals when booking their next trip. Although the inconvenience of not being able to book directly through Kayak is not ideal for everyone, overall, the site offers a great way to find cheap deals. Kayak is particularly commendable for its last-minute offers.


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