Lost Luggage = Major Frustration

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Have you ever lost a bag on your way to an important event that was miles away with only your carry-on to spare?  If so, you’ll know just how frustrating this can be. This is a call-to-action for any traveler looking to avoid the hassles associated with losing luggage. 

Most of us use various methods to try and prevent this stressful situation, but what else can be done other than tying a bright colored ribbon on and saying a little prayer as you blow an air kiss goodbye to your precious belongings? 

Tip #1 – Leave Louis At Home

Traveling with designer luggage in coach is just a holler to the half-baked luggage guy that you want him to check your baggage all the way to his garage.  Now while you might love to have your LV Pégase Légère 55 rolling along behind you, you can say au revoir if you’re not traveling on your private jet with him in tow.  Opt for a brightly colored bag that is durable enough to prevent tampering. If you can’t bear to leave Louis, make sure he’s carry-on sized and can stay secure in your kung-fu grip!

Tip #2 – Bluetooth That Baby

GPS tracking is not only great for your laptop, but new devices are emerging every day that will allow you to track the whereabouts of your belongings with an app.  Some even have 24/7 lost and found services. While labeling your stuff is essential, why not add that extra 007 tool into the mix. If your bag does get misplaced, you’ll be able to track that sucker like an international super spy!

Tip #3 – Wear Your Bling

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If the heir to the Gucci empire can lose a bag, so can you!  Don’t pack your jewelry, cash or any other valuables in your checked bags.  The same goes for items such as your keys, important documents, and medicine. While special requirements may be in place for carrying medication aboard a flight, it’s best to check with the airline what conditions they have regarding this.

Tip #4 – Use Colorful Stickers

So you have a bright red suitcase that you’ve packed to the hilt, labeled and tied on that ribbon.  You get to the carousel at the end of your journey, grab said red suitcase, only to find that it isn’t yours!!! What? You did all the right things, so you thought.  One extra precaution you can take if you’ve got a nondescript bright colored bag…sticker the heck out of that thing. Make it your own with stickers of all kinds!  If it stands out, well maybe it was your creative flair that got them talking, but hey, you’ll know it’s yours.

Which Airlines Are The Worst Offenders for Losing Your Luggage?

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You can make an informed choice as to whether you will check your bag or not.  Some airlines are better than others when it comes to reuniting you with your belongings. There are a few top offenders among U.S carriers when it comes to losing luggage.  The worst offender lost 32,667 pieces of luggage last year! Find out who that was right here.  

The tips we’ve shared have come from a mix of bad experiences and insightful gleanings from the team here at CompareToday.com. The critical thing to take away from these tips is, as we always say, “Know before you go!”

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