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Travel booking websites are a handy planning tool for many a globe-trotter. If you don’t want to spend a lot of time an effort having to review every individual detail of the vacation yourself, these sites simplify things by offering a portal that allows you to arrange multiple aspects of your trip all at once. is one such travel site that focuses on the accommodation side of things more than anything else. Is it worth using’s booking site and are they the one on whom travelers can rely? Here, we do a review of We look at the advantages and disadvantages of using to find your accommodation.

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The Advantages Of Using

One Of The Widest Ranges Of Accommodation Options

As the name suggests, is all about finding you a place to stay, and this is their strong point. Compared to other travel booking websites, it has a competitive range of accommodation. Whether you are looking for luxury, boutique, B&Bs, apartments or hostels, they’ve got you covered. If you prefer a particular level or service or you have a budget that you want to keep tight control on, using can be a great tool to meet your needs.

Straightforward Navigation And Search

Part of what makes the site so useful for finding your perfect type of accommodation is the easy-to-use navigation; in particular, the different search functions on offer. You have the option to narrow choices down by price range, location, proximity to landmarks and areas, accessibility features, and much more. When entering a landmark filtering option, you can see more than just a few available hotels. It’s particularly handy to be able to see many attractions within walking distance of your accommodation. also include detailed information regarding both the amenities of the hotel and room. Being able to see everything from wi-fi availability, to options such as self-parking, eliminate the need to confirm such availability with the hotel. Each listing includes information about any extra fees and charges. By making this information so accessible, it eliminates any surprises when you get to the checkout. Of all the travel booking sites, this one might have the most detailed and pleasant user experience.

Clear Rewards Scheme

Many booking site rewards schemes have multiple levels and a points system that can be difficult to understand. With, they’ve kept things pretty straightforward. Travelers who stay ten nights with almost any accommodation from the site can get a night for free. The choice of accommodation where you can use your free night is not limited to hotels. Travelers can use their free night at hostels and B&Bs, etc. Each listing reminds you that by booking that accommodation, you are one step closer to earning an extra night for free. While this is a simple addition, it makes things easy to track and provides an incentive for you to book with them again. The best part about the rewards program is that it applies to 213,000 of their 297,000 properties.

Things To Be Aware Of When Choosing

They Don’t Offer As Many Services As Other Booking Sites offers you the ability to choose from a wide range of accommodation options and even to book them as part of a package deal with a flight. However, rental cars are not one of the choices they offer. They also don’t provide little extras such as airport transfers or restaurant reservations. While this is a small thing, if you are looking for a one-stop shopping experience, then you will need to find these options elsewhere.

Limited Reward Scheme Benefits

While does have a Rewards Scheme, there are no tier levels to reach within it. One of the reasons that frequent travelers enjoy points-based loyalty schemes so much is that they can gain elite status. These higher levels give members the extra benefits such as bonuses with greater discounts, upgrades and late check outs., sadly, has no such reward for these longer-term frequent customers. With that said, this doesn’t seem to matter since their free night reward applies to anyone, and doesn’t have any blackout dates or restrictions.

Varied Reviews

Hotel reviews are a crucial way of gauging the quality and service of a hotel. However, reviews on seem to be overwhelmingly positive, perhaps in part because some may come from a variety of third-party sources. There are reviews posted to each listing from TripAdvisor, which may be more reliable. Members of the site can also post reviews of accommodation, which further adds to their validity. The smart traveler knows to treat wholly positive or wholly negative reviews with a grain of salt. If you want balanced feedback, this is an integral part of being able to make an informed decision about where to stay.

With so much to offer from the one site, it’s easy to see why is so popular. For travelers who don’t have time to jump from place to place for information, is a real time-saver. Travelers who like to be choosy concerning accommodation and want access to the broadest range available will find that gives them just that. It is essential to take time to review some independent research to make sure that you’re getting the most for your money.


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