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The perfect vacation begins with the perfect flight. For that reason, travelers should be picky about the airlines they choose for the first leg of their journey. As the name implies, Hawaiian Airlines is primarily concerned with taking vacationers to and from the islands of Hawaii. They serve eight airports across the five major islands of Hawaii and thirteen states in the USA. But what is it like to fly with Hawaiian Airlines? Here, we’re going to take a close look at some of the advantages and things to be aware of when choosing Hawaiian Airlines.

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The Advantages Of Flying With Hawaiian Airlines

Excellent Customer Service

Hawaiian Airlines is famous for its exceptional customer service for good reason. The staff on-board are attentive and extremely friendly. Catching the attention of an attendant if you need something isn’t very difficult at all. It might seem like a small thing, but the Hawaiian themed Aloha shirts and uniforms create the perfect atmosphere for those anticipating the enjoyment factor of their Hawaiian vacation.

Great Value For Money

Given the duration of the flights, prices are extremely competitive and offer free island-inspired meals and drinks on your way. Hawaiian also provides better than average comfortable seating as well as in-flight entertainment. Hawaiian Airlines also allows economy passengers to check two bags as opposed to the usual one bag allowance, which is a money saver.

Almost Always On Time

If you’ve got a strict itinerary, the peace of mind of knowing that you’ve chosen an airline with a good track record for arriving on time is important. In March 2018 Hawaiian Airlines boasted an on-time arrival rate 85.3%. Compared to other airlines who whose arrival rates are on average just over 64%. Hawaiian Airlines might be one of the most refreshing experiences yet. Their flight cancellation rate is only 0.5% in comparison to other carriers rates of over 7%. Frequent fliers will know that this is something to be lauded.

Things To Be Aware Of When Flying With Hawaiian Airlines

Limited In-flight Entertainment Options

For long flights, onboard entertainment options can be the saving grace for most travelers. Most passengers need something to quell the boredom. Considering the duration of the average flight with Hawaiian Airlines, their options are a little limited. While passengers can access wireless streamed entertainment on their compatible device, this is only available on their Airbus A330 and A321neo Aircrafts. Also, In-flight entertainment is not free on Hawaiian Airlines unless you are flying internationally, so this will have to be factored into the travel budget.

Limited Membership Reward Program

For loyal customers, a rewards program can be a smart investment. Airline credit cards usually offer great deals for frequent flyers. There are a lot of ways to earn miles and even earn them retroactively with the HawaiianMiles program. However, there are some drawbacks. One example of the limitations of their basic membership is the fact that miles can expire if a member hasn’t either earned or redeemed them for eighteen months consecutively. While members can have their miles reinstated, there is a fee to do this. Finally, employees of Hawaiian Airlines, family, and infants cannot earn miles for travel on award flights or discounted travel industry related tickets. Hawaiian Airlines may, at its discretion, allow miles to be earned on designated charter flights though. Other rewards systems tend to have a more open relationship with their competing airlines, by comparison.

Expensive Onboard Services

Hawaii is technically a domestic destination. But with flights that can be as long as ten-hours, it certainly doesn’t feel like it. Hawaiian Airlines charge domestic prices for many of their onboard services, including entertainment. International flights which tend to offer such options for free. So this means that travelers will need to account for this in their budget.

When it comes to planning a trip to Hawaii, Hawaiian Airlines is good value for money for travelers. With flights services across North America as well as Asia and the South Pacific. Travelers can enjoy more than just the Hawaiian islands.


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