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Most people associate Groupon with low-cost deals on a range of goods and services across a range of different niches. As a company they provide offers in such a wide variety of areas. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise to learn they also offer users the opportunity to book vacations and other travel deals via their site.

However, just because users can do this does not necessarily mean that they should. Below, we’ve compiled a list of advantages and disadvantages of Groupon’s travel deals. Users can then make a well-informed decision when considering booking through the site.

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The Advantages Of Using Groupon For Travel Deals

The Deals Can Be Terrific

First and foremost, some of the deals posted to Groupon’s travel section genuinely are excellent. Concerning value for money, they’re hard to fault. For this reason alone the site is worth consulting for anyone looking to manage their costs when booking their next vacation.

It’s Easy To Make A Booking

Groupon’s has had massive growth over the past few years further assisted by their simple, intuitive website design. The ease of use is something the vast majority of internet users can navigate without great difficulty. Their travel section is incredibly straightforward to use and helps guide users toward a deal that may be suitable for them. Couple this with an excellent range of filtering options and you’ve got less time spent on searching.

The Range Of Deals World-Wide

Groupon covers a vast range of destinations in its offers, including some unusual choices that may appeal to the more unconventional traveler. As a result, they may be a useful source of penny-wise deals for users looking for something different for their next vacation.

The Disadvantages Of Using Groupon For Travel Deals

No Conventional Search Options

When users head to Groupon to view their deals, they might find that they are limited to only current offers available on the site. If users are looking for a specific destination, there’s no guarantee they’ll currently offer deals to that location. Regrettably, this leaves the user having wasted time searching in vain.

There Will Almost Certainly Be Hidden Fees

Buyer beware: Groupon travel deals often include a myriad of hidden fees that could increase the cost of their vacation. Cancellation fees, baggage fees, and even the airfare may not automatically be inclusive in the quoted price. As this tends to happen in some deals, it is imperative that users read the fine print before committing.

The Time To Grab A Deal Is Usually Short

Groupon’s entire business model forces people into making snap decisions, as the deals are by their very nature transitory. The use of this fear of missing out tactic may mean that they are unlikely to appeal to travelers who prefer to take their time.

In Conclusion

Groupon may not be a conventional travel agent site. They do however offer numerous options that are well worth considering when looking for travel opportunities. Provided users take precautions and read the fine print, Groupon makes for a useful resource. Especially when trying to manage the costs of traveling experiences.


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