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When it comes to booking a vacation online, Expedia is one of the largest and best-known sites for finding a travel deal. The company, which spun off from Microsoft in 1999, has grown to be major hub for travelers seeking a wide range of travel-related services. However, is it worth using?

Below, we’ll outline some of the advantages and things to be aware of when using Expedia to find travel deals and book vacations. Let’s start with the good news.

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The Advantage Of Using Expedia For Travel Deals


The term “expedia” is a kind of portmanteau of the words “exploration” and “speed.” When it comes to the latter of those words, Expedia absolutely delivers. The site is quick, simple, and useful if you’re looking to book a travel deal in the shortest possible time. Compared to the long process of booking each component individually, or booking through a travel agent, they moves the process along at lightspeed.

Excellent Filtering Options

One of the reasons Expedia can offer such speed and convenience to its customers is its comprehensive range of filtering options. Users can narrow down the results of their search incredibly specifically. By allowing you to filter so precisely, you can find whichever deal you are most interested in as quickly as possible.

Best Price Guarantee

Expedia offers a ‘best price guarantee.’ This guarantee states that if you find a cheaper deal on flights, vacation packages, activities, cruises, or rental cars within 24 hours of booking with them, the company will refund the difference and give you $50 towards future travel.

For hotel reservations, you have up to two days before check-in to find a cheaper deal. If you do, you receive a refund of the difference and the same $50 coupon.

There’s no doubt that these price guarantees are incredibly beneficial for the cost-conscious traveler.

Things To Be Aware Of When Using Expedia For Travel Deals

The Risk Of Failed Bookings

When booking through a third-party website, there is always a risk that something may go wrong. Some travelers have booked through Expedia and then found the hotel/airline/etc., has no record of their reservation.

Not Necessarily Cheaper

The price promise is useful, but somewhat limited -, especially for flight and vacation packages. Its essential users don’t assume that Expedia will always be the cheapest option. They may often be able to achieve a better deal by booking with a provider or airline directly.

Confusing Reward Schemes

Booking with Expedia is complicated by their different rewards levels. While the rewards are beneficial if you take the time to read and act upon them, they do complicate the booking process. If travelers do not have the time or inclination to read through these rewards levels and sign up, they miss out. This isn’t particularly inclusive.

In Conclusion

Expedia is one of the market leaders in this field for a reason. They offer a genuine option to holidaymakers and business travelers who are looking for a quick, simple, and effective way of booking their next trip. However, like all services they do have specific things to be aware of.  As always, be cautious and verify your booking directly with the hotel or airline to avoid disappointment.


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