Enterprise – A Global Leader In The Rental Car Industry

Enterprise has been in the rental car business for over 60 years. To this day they remain one of the most well-respected and recognized names in the car rental industry. Thousands of people every year trust Enterprise when hiring a car as it easily meets their needs.

Given Enterprise’s longevity in the industry, it’s easy to assume they have got the industry down pat. To see if this is the case, we delved into the advantages and disadvantages users may experience. Are you getting the best when choosing this well-established company for their car rental needs?

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The Advantages Of Using Enterprise Car Rentals

Great Selection Of Cars Available

Enterprise has established themselves as one of the foremost rental companies, in no small part due to their range of options. They offer cars of various sizes including, SUVs, trucks, and even exotic vehicles to customers. Therefore, with many options, they have something to suit every taste, budget, and apparent need. This is a major advantage for customers. You can rest assured that whatever your requirement, Enterprise has plenty of options.

Enterprise Plus Rewards Scheme For Frequent Users

For frequent travelers, the Enterprise Plus rewards scheme is a bonus. It gives customers unique advantages by rewarding them for their continued patronage of the company. Many cheap rental car companies do not offer these schemes. Their “dollars spend equal dollars earned”program provides customers with the possibility of getting their rental car free. The incentive helps to set Enterprise apart as an impressive alternative to no-frills providers.

Rental Locations Available Throughout The World

Enterprise offers fantastic, global market penetration. They currently provide customers with over 400 collection and drop-off points worldwide. As a loyal customer, this means that in most cases you can rely on Enterprise for service and choice no matter where you travel.

The Disadvantages Of Using Enterprise Car Rentals

Extensive Checks For Bodywork Damage When You Return The Car

All car rental companies will check a vehicle for scratches and dents in the bodywork when you return a car. Enterprise is however known for being particularly thorough. It is therefore advisable that users take extra precautions when hiring a vehicle from this company. Here’s a great tip to turn this around to your advantage. Take some photos or even do a quick walk around video when you first pick up this car. This will help if any issues arise. Remember, a company that takes extra care is a company that ensures you’re receiving a quality product. Therefore, in many ways, this isn’t much of a disadvantage.

Far From The Most Budget-Friendly Option

Enterprise provides a fantastic service to their customers through their range of choice, quality, and staff. However, this can come with a higher price point in some instances. While it is important to note, they are far from the most expensive option out there. There can always be an argument about whether it’s worth paying more for quality service. Like many other companies, it’s worth noting that Enterprise’s initial offering is not comprehensive. For example, users will still have to pay extra for roadside assistance when hiring from them. You may also be offered additional insurance, which you may already have covered in your car policy. So review your needs and check what services you already have before spending extra. By doing so you’ll be able to assess the value of what you’re getting while comparing your options with other companies.

They Only Cater To One Element Of Trip Planning

Enterprise car rentals are just that: car rentals. They don’t offer any other travel related options. This means that booking directly with them only achieves one part of your vacation necessities. So if you are looking for a site to book more than your rental car, you’ll have to go elsewhere. This, however, may not be a burden to you. Especially if you’re hiring a car for a purpose other than a vacation. But some may find the process of using multiple sites a bit time-consuming. So this is why some choose to use meta-search sites. This way they can book flights, accommodation, and additional activities in one place.

In Conclusion

Enterprise has long been in the top ten list of rental car companies worldwide. This is for a very good reason. All you have to remember is to check the inclusions and be aware of their quality assurance. They are more than capable of producing an excellent rental experience. Their prices may not be the cheapest, but this is far outweighed by their reputation for outstanding service and choice of vehicles. For those looking to hire a car, definitely consider Enterprise. They provide an excellent, reliable service that lives up to its stellar reputation.

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