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Choosing the most user-friendly and space-saving travel accessories needn’t be a hassle if you’re up to date on the latest and possibly greatest travel-friendly toiletries and gadgets. So what are the most clever, time and space saving tricks to packing a carry-on bag that is both TSA friendly and easy to carry on?  Check out some of our favorite travel accessories that are examples of innovation at it’s best.

Pocket Size Everything!

From wrinkle release and fabric freshener spray to insect repellant, the creators of Miists travel size personal care products, have designed a sleek, pocket-sized version of the most frequently used toiletries to make both the space in your toiletry bag and your life, that little bit easier. So you can bring everything from their antimicrobial spray for hands and hard surfaces, hairspray, breath spray, zero calorie sweetener, natural burn and insect bite spray, sunscreen, lens & screen cleaner, stain remover and rosewater facial spray, and feel fresh from take-off to landing! Ready for anything? We think so!

The Ultra Slick Shave Stick

If you’re not keen on bringing your whole can of shaving cream or extra lotion to shave while you’re away, then this little innovation will be at the top of your list!  The Pacific Shaving Company have developed a couple of options when it comes to traveling with your shaving kit, and the Ultra Slick Shave Stick has got to be the most fab of them all.  Compact and virtually mess-free, you can slip this into your toiletry bag and stop stressing about whether or not there will be a mini explosion in your case. Pretty smooth if you ask us!

Bose QuietControl Wireless Headphones

OurTop5MostUserFriendlyAccessories Article Bose

Wireless is where it’s at these days, and these Bluetooth noise canceling headphones from Bose certainly do the trick when you’re traveling.  The device allows you to set your own noise cancellation level so you’re in control how much of the outside world you let in.  The neckband conforms to your body for added comfort, and the Lithium-ion battery lasts 10 hours per charge.

BauBax Travel Sweatshirt

It doesn’t have to be a struggle to have everything at hand if you’re traveling light.  This hoodie is like the James Bond of all hoodies. BauBax has created space in this hoodie for your phone, earbuds, charger, sunglasses, tablet and well, plenty of other things.  Cold hands? It’s got built-in gloves to keep your hands warm! Talk about the Inspector Gadget of all hoodies! Oh yeah, did we mention it’s also machine washable?  Cozy and functional! No more digging through your carry-on for well, anything!

Crown Coast 60 Mph Windproof Compact Travel Umbrella

Into every travelers’ life, a little rain must fall, and wind and blistering sun, etc. So be prepared for all kinds of weather changes when you’re traveling.  The one thing travelers usually forget is an umbrella. This one has over 2000 reviews giving it an average rating of 4 stars, clearly a fan-club in the making. Tested during severe winds up to 60+ MPH, with a resilient 3 foot 3-inch diameter canopy designed to deliberately turn inside out (convex shape) to relieve tension by redistributing extreme wind force. Don’t leave home without it!

Preparation is everything when you’re traveling. You’ll make your life so much easier once you’ve done your legwork when it comes to choosing smart travel gear.  As Abe Lincoln once said, “Give me six hours to chop down a tree, and I will spend the first four sharpening the ax.” Your ax is ready, and so are you! Safe and stress-free travels my friends!

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