Independence Day – The Celebration That Humbles The Nation

Most Americans will be having their humble backyard barbeques and parties on the fourth of July. Most noteworthy though, will be Washington DC – ushering in the grandest Independence Day celebration of them all! Check out what’s on in the nation’s capital and plan your Independence Day in DC to a tee!

A Full Day Of Celebration At the West Lawn, Capitol Hill

Washington DC Independence Day 2018 Capitol Hill

First of all, this Independence Day, put yourself down for a full day celebrating! And Capitol Fourth celebrations at the West Lawn, Capitol Hill, are a must. This year’s concert has a smashing line-up of performers including music from the NSO and John Stamos as your host. This free event is broadcast live on PBS and makes sure everyone has a great view of the magnificent fireworks display. In fact, they haven’t failed to disappoint crowds for about three decades!

The Constitution Avenue Independence Day Parade

Washington DC Independence Day 2018 parade

This annual parade down Constitution Avenue between 7th and 17th streets is an institution. It’s pomp and pageantry that celebrates our veterans as well as those who are currently bravely serving this great nation. As always, the parade starts at 11:45 am. Yet if you’re wanting to beat the crowd, we suggest you’ll need to be an early-bird! This parade is the most spectacular display of patriotic pride and worth getting up at the crack of dawn for.

Getting Around Washington DC On Independence Day

No matter how early you get up, if you’re planning to drive anywhere near the National Mall area, forget about it! Either the roads are blocked off or they are gridlock due to the chaos of the amount of people in the area. Consequently, even the public transportation options are pretty crammed due to the over 700,000 visitors that flock to this special event. As a result, your best choice would be to stay within walking distance of the festivities. That is unless of course, you don’t mind the traffic. Then you could try to snap up a taxi or even a pedicab.

Where To Stay Close To The Action

Washington DC Independence Day 2018 Hyatt Regency Washington on Capitol Hill

As stated above, if you plan to attend these events, book your accommodation within walking distance of the action. A great choice that’s only 0.8 miles away from Constitution Ave, is The Hyatt Regency Washington On Capitol Hill. The location of this hotel is so close to many of the monuments and buildings that you’ll want to check out on your stay. Hence, it’s perfect being within walking distance of so much of what you’ll be wanting to see and do.

Tips To Enjoying Washington On Independence Day

Washington DC Independence Day 2018 Tips

1. Firstly, if you want to visit the White House, it takes months of advance planning, including security clearance checks. Perhaps visiting on Independence Day isn’t the best time to do this. Instead take time to walk the length and breadth of Washington DC’s amazing monuments. They seem to come alive at this time of the year in a way they don’t usually. And everyone visiting them has a purpose of honor and celebration.

2. Stay safe. Certain neighborhoods around DC can be quite dangerous after dark. Check with your hotel concierge before venturing out to explore on your own. It would be wise to take a more secure mode of transportation other than the subway. Choose options like an Uber or Lyft.

3. Don’t Try To See The Declaration of Independence on Independence Day. The lines at the National Archives will be more than a mile long, and frankly, in the heat of the day. You’d be better off relaxing with a sweet tea in your hand. Plan to see this historic gem on any other weekend and you’re gold.

4. Check out Five-Guys if you haven’t become a fan of theirs already! While DC isn’t known as the ‘Mecca For Foodies’, they do fast food very well. Five Guys has got some of the best burgers and sides in the country, don’t miss out.

5. Be sensitive to other visitors. Any mention of ‘terrorist’ related affairs or untoward political jokes would be considered rude and very inappropriate. You may even be asked to leave an area if you are considered a ‘nuisance’.

In conclusion, however you choose to say ‘Happy Birthday America!’, put these celebrations on your ‘bucket-list’. Therefore, if you can’t make this year’s events in Washington, make sure that you make a ‘patriotic pledge’ to spend your next Independence Day there. Seems like experiencing this national holiday by waving your flag in Washington DC is well worth it!

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