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The use of online travel booking sites continues to rise. These days many globetrotters leaving traditional travel agents in the dust and opting to book online. With access to exclusive online deals and often a variety of extra options available, it’s understandable. An example of this is Booking.com. They are one of the largest online travel providers in the world. Offering an easy way to book hotels, flights, car rentals, and airport transfers for any budget. With Booking.com, travelers can avoid the hassle of searching more than one site for individual deals. This is because they have covered almost every travel need in one easy place.

The following is a snapshot of this ever-growing travel giant. With nearly 200 hundred offices in 70 countries, they offer options for the vast majority of popular travel destinations. Yet the question needs to be asked, are they worth your time? Here, we’re going to look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of using Booking.com.

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The Advantages Of Using Booking.com

More Properties Than Many Travel Booking Sites

Most travel booking sites will have some options for accommodation, travel options, and rental cars. However, Booking.com also adds airport transfers and restaurant reservations as part of their offering. At the time of writing this article, Booking.com had 28,812,732 total reported listings. These covered 136,618 destinations in 227 countries and territories worldwide. If you want variety in your choice of accommodation, then using Booking.com may be one of the best providers. With that vast choice they may just save you both time and money. The convenience of being able to access more than just your average hotel, their offerings are not to be underestimated.

Convenient And Easy To Use

Booking.com’s site is remarkably easy to navigate, with your options laid out clearly. What’s more, there provide solid search specifying options. For instance, you can choose a location or narrow your options by price range. Then you can choose to sort them by rating. This can help you find the best options within your budget with very little stress. You can even filter your searches by whether or not your chosen accommodation features certain amenities. Or is close to certain landmarks.

Solid Price Matching Scheme

Booking.com offers benefits from one scheme in particular that, at the time of writing, is still active. If you make a booking through the site and later find a lower price for the same deal after booking, they will reimburse the difference. The majority of travelers don’t usually continue searching for better deals after having made their decision. However, there are literally no disadvantages to keeping your eyes peeled for further deals.

The Disadvantages Of Using Booking.com

Spontaneous Price Fluctuations

There are no disadvantages to not checking up on other deals. But there’s a huge risk in not checking up on your booking while you are making it. There’s no price-watch feature on Booking.com, so costs can suddenly jump up. Even while you’re in the middle of making a booking.

The Fees Can Add Up

Most travel booking sites charge fees for using them. It’s how they profit while helping you scan all the deals they offer. So booking the individual aspects of your journey on your own may prove to be cheaper. What’s more, rival accommodation companies like Airbnb tend to offer cheaper rooms most of the time.

Poor Location Information At Times

Dealing with lots of smaller and boutique accommodations offers options for the traveler. But many of these hotels have very few details on what landmarks or facilities are nearby. The site does include a map function, which is helpful. However, it forces you to work for the information you want to know.

Booking.com can certainly make arranging your trip more convenient. With options that can help you plan more details than the majority of their competitors. However, they are in a saturated market where there can be cheaper options available. While Booking.com strives to be the best, they can sometimes offer the most affordable options. But it’s worth scanning the market first.

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