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Two words that seem to be synonymous with society is that we’ve all “been busy”! If you’re chatting with someone about what they’ve been up to lately – they often start with “been busy.” And it just goes on from there.

Sometimes “busy” is a good thing. It can keep you out of trouble, as the old saying says. But often it is just an excuse we use to avoid people or situations in our lives. Granted it can be a valid excuse. There’s also a case to be made for seasonality that’s for sure! But only sometimes. Sometimes we just need to take those two words “been busy” out of our vocabulary. Stop. And smell the roses!!!

So, what makes us here at CompareToday.com busy?

We love working to bring you great travel deals. Quite frankly; we get a kick out of it too! It seriously gives us pleasure to know our hard work brings you the best website to compare today! Ultimately this helps you enjoy your life that little bit more too. You can feel confident in your decisions, save time and save money. For us it’s a case of “let us help you” because if there’s one thing we know – it’s travel, budgets, getting good deals and then feeling secure in those decisions. And even though that was four things and not one, we think you can understand that we’ve got you covered!

The Lounge

BeenBusy Article TheLounge REAL

With all this in mind, we have “been busy” working on many things here at CompareToday.com to make your experience better. Part of these developments were in the background – all the boring technical “stuff” that makes your user experience that every bit better. But also, this here, our new article section called “The Lounge”. We have “been busy” putting this together so that we can bring you information to assist you in your travel plans for the future.


BeenBusy Article Destinations REAL

Another development has been Destinations. You can simply find a destination by searching in our Search Boxes. However, if you’re interested in finding out some information about specific destinations – for example, Las Vegas, then you can see everything we have regarding this city all in the one place. Alternatively, you can go to our main Destination section to discover all the places we have written about already – making planning your trips so much easier! Plus, we will be adding new destinations to this section all the time – so remember to check it out regularly.


BeenBusy Article Interests REAL

We understand that sometimes choosing a destination can be difficult. You may know you want to go somewhere that has a great beach, but aren’t sure where that is. Plus, you’ve “been busy” and haven’t had a chance to do your research too! Well, we’ve done it for you. We have categorized all our destinations according to ten different Interests, that way if you cam search for these particular Interests and it will bring up all the destinations that will be appropriate. This will help take the guess work out for you and make your life a lot simpler.

So, we hope you enjoy all of these features that we have “been busy” developing. Make sure you sign up for our Newsletter too as this will keep you informed on a regular basis too.

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