Baton Rouge – A Southern Experience

Baton Rouge is the capital city of Louisiana and has become a trendy destination for tourists and travelers in recent times. This is mostly down to the sheer volume of things to do in this city. There’s a little bit of everything; from historical museums to a real-life tiger habitat – it’s a place that will please everyone.

If you’re thinking about taking a trip to Baton Rouge, Louisiana, then here’s our list of the top things you absolutely must do during your stay:

Mike the Tiger Habitat

Baton Rouge City Guide Mike The Tiger

Those of you with a little bit of knowledge about Baton Rouge may be aware that it’s home to LSU (Louisiana State University). What’s more, you may know that the mascot for LSU is a real tiger called Mike the Tiger. Where do they keep this live tiger? Well, they have a proper tiger habitat that opened in 2005 and has become a very popular tourist spot ever since. You get to see Mike the Tiger enjoying large open spaces and lazing around in the sun. It’s a unique experience that you won’t usually get anywhere else. The habitat itself is beautiful and comes with incredible features to ensure Mike is well looked after and feels at home. There’s an LSU gift shop nearby as well, so you may as well pop in for some tiger-related souvenirs!

Louisiana’s State Capitol Building

Baton Rouge City Guide Capital Building

Baton Rouge has a magnificent State Capitol Building that’s really become an iconic image of the city. It has 27 floors, including a brilliant observation deck right at the top. Going up these floors and seeing panoramic views of the city is an absolute must for any tourists. You’ll see some absolutely incredible views, and the building itself is full of rich history and heritage. There are loads of artifacts in there that you can take a look at and enjoy a wonderful museum of political history. Go for the views, but stay for the fascinating insight into the city’s history as well.

There’s also the Old State Capitol Building that you can pop into as well and marvel at the gorgeous architecture. It has a free museum as well. So you can learn more about Baton Rouge through the ages!

Art & Science Museum

If you’re looking for something fresh and quirky to do, then take a trip to the Art & Science Museum in Baton Rouge. Immediately, you’ll love the way it looks from the outside. It’s a very unique building with a quirkiness that reflects what’s on the inside. There are loads of extraordinary works of art inside that you can spend hours looking at. However, it’s also home to so many artifacts and exhibitions that will blow your mind. There’s a planetarium inside along with a big gallery devoted to Ancient Egypt. You’ll learn loads of cool things along the way, and leave feeling thoroughly entertained. It’s a very lighthearted museum as well, so it’s ideal if you’re traveling with children.

LSU Tiger Stadium Tour

Did you know that LSU has one of the biggest outdoor sporting stadiums in the world? With a capacity of over 100,000, the Tiger Stadium is absolutely massive. It’s full of history as well as the LSU football team have played there for many decades. You can have a tour around the place and see trophies, memorabilia, and even take a peek inside the dressing room. If you’re lucky enough to come to Baton Rouge during the football season, then you definitely need to try and get tickets to a game. The atmosphere is incredible, so much so that non-football fans have gone and still had the time of their lives.

Enjoy The Local Cuisine

Baton Rouge City Guide Food

Louisiana is known for its fantastic cuisine, and Baton Rouge is symbolic of this. Countless eateries all over the city show you the best this state offers in terms of food. Now, you could go to a selection of restaurants on your own, but there are actually food tours operating throughout the city as well. These tours will take you to some of the best restaurants around, give you a behind the scenes look at the kitchens, and let you sample the food as well! It’s a really amazing way of exploring the culinary scene and getting a look at the culture behind the food here. Plus, it’s an excuse to eat as much as possible, and who doesn’t like that?!

Baton Rouge Zoo

If seeing Mike the Tiger got you in the mood to enjoy more animal life, then go to the Baton Rouge Zoo. It’s just a little bit north of Downtown Baton Rouge (which is well worth checking out as well seeing as there are loads of entertaining and fun bars in that area!) and is home to thousands of different animals from across the globe. There are fish, exotic birds, kangaroos, and even a few more tigers. We’d highly recommend coming here with children as the zookeepers are really friendly and provide loads of information to educate them as they go around.

Blue Bayou & Dixie Landin’ Entertainment Parks

Baton Rouge can boast not one, but two great entertainment parks in the same place. At Blue Bayou, you will have a whale of a time. With numerous water attractions and rides that the whole family can enjoy. Dixie Landin’ is more of a dry amusement park with even more rides and plenty of super fun games. Again, a great place to take your kids, but also a wonderful day out if you just want some fun as a couple!

Swamp Tours

BatonRouge City Guide Swamp Tours

There’s a company in Baton Rouge called Red Stick Adventures that offers a whole host of different tours. There are loads to choose from, but we think the swamp tours are the best. You get to ride around the city and visit natural wildlife in some of the local swamp areas. See the swamp creatures loving life, and enjoy getting to know a different side of the city.

Whether you’re visiting Baton Rouge, Louisiana for a weekend or a whole week; there’s no shortage of things to do. Take a look at the ideas on the list above, and you’ll have a fantastic time.

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