Airbnb Review And Deals LogoSince its foundation in 2008, Airbnb has gone from strength to strength. In fact, in many ways, Airbnb’s service has completely transformed the hotel market for travelers of all kinds.

Given the impact Airbnb has had on the travel industry, it’s worth examining just what the company offers. Especially to those travelers seeking to find the more interesting options than just the average hotel can provide. Below, we’ll go through some of the advantages and things to be aware of when choosing Airbnb. Let’s see what you can expect to experience when using this pioneering service.

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The Advantages Of Using Airbnb For Accommodation

Lower Cost Than Conventional Hotel Accommodation

One of the significant advantages of Airbnb is that the prices. They are usually more affordable than users would pay for a hotel of an equivalent standard. So if saving money is a priority when booking, then Airbnb is an excellent choice. Plus their sheer number of available properties worldwide is an incredible advantage. As it means that even the most budget-conscious traveler can find top-notch accommodation for less than the average hotel.

A True Home-Away-From Home Experience

This “home-away-from-home” factor is arguably Airbnb’s best advantage. And it is the one that has seen them achieve their worldwide acclaim. Users can choose to stay in a hosts’ home, or in a private accommodation that has a familiar homely feel. For example, it may be a studio apartment rather than a conventional high-rise hotel room. Indeed, this means that customers forgo certain hotel amenities such as a swimming pool or room service. However, the ‘feel-at-home’ experience balances this somewhat loss out. As well as the ability to interact with the hosts that they can offer.

The Wide Range Of Destinations Served

Airbnb has many options worldwide, so users should be able to find accommodation suitable for their chosen destination. Most notably, Airbnb tends to have more variety of options in small villages and towns that may otherwise lack hotel options. This helpful feature ensures that they can offer real flexibility. This means they can stay exactly where they wish, rather than compromising and having to find the nearest convenient choice. Therefore, if you’re after a ‘local’ experience, Airbnb tends to go a long way to meeting your needs in this respect.

Things To Be Aware Of When Choosing Airbnb For Travel Deals

Airbnb Do Not Vet The Listings

Hosts, or owners, of properties, create their own descriptions without any vetting from Airbnb. Unfortunately, this means there’s always a chance the information and photos provided may not be as expected. For example, travelers who wish to have privacy need to be aware that other guests may be sharing the accommodation at the same time. Property owners do not need to disclose this information. So, even though the property has been listed as an entire private home, guests may be in for some surprise house guests. Although Airbnb have implemented some requirements in order to address past guest concerns such as this. However, the requirements only apply to Airbnb Plus properties. Therefore, it is advisable for users to view all Airbnb listings with these things in mind.

Hidden Charges From Hosts

Some hosts include hidden charges. These can include a cleaning fee, that may only be disclosed when the guest arrives at the property. Users need to ask pertinent questions to prepare for this. An way of avoiding these issues is to always read all of the reviews from previous guests. User reviews will usually provide some insight into whether or not you can expect additional costs. If you’re interested in finding out more about a hosts’ fees, we suggest asking them before making your booking.

Not A One-Stop Travel Planning Service

Many prefer the ease of using one site to do everything from your research, to booking your entire trip. However, Airbnb is limited in this respect. Their primary focus is providing alternative lodging and more recently, experiences. While the company may add airline or car rental options later on. But at present, these are not currently available. They currently specialize in having unique accommodation and specially curated experiences for travelers. Therefore users will still need to consult multiple sites to arrange the rest of their vacation.

In Conclusion

While Airbnb has a few limitations at present, the company offers a refreshing, and novel approach to accommodation. It is crucial for users to exercise caution when choosing hosts. We recommend spending some extra time spent in researching feedback from prior guests. As this will help to provide a pleasant experience for anyone eager to try something new.


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