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It’s always better to work smarter and not harder, and the same goes for traveling. While there are loads of travel tips to help you navigate the world of travel, there are some key things to consider when you’re at the planning stage of your next trip. These five tips will help you sort out everything from whether you should use a travel agent to why you should consider renting a car rather than hailing a taxi.

Tip #1- Be Your Own Travel Agent

Our5BestPlanning Article travagentThere are hundreds of players in the travel industry these days and depending on the time you have to invest in planning and your budget, these things will determine whether you use an agent or do it yourself.  Yes, it is a travel agent’s job to know their stuff, however having done both (D.I.Y and Travel Agent), I prefer the D.I.Y method, which doesn’t take as much time as you’d think. How do you figure? Well, you could go to multiple websites to research your destination, compare flight costs, and accommodation deals, or you could do it all right here. Find out which day has the best price within the month you plan to travel, choose your preferred accommodation and even grab the best deal on your activities; It’s that easy. After all, isn’t researching and planning half the fun of traveling?

Tip #2 – Use a Variety of Options to Manage Your Money 

Our5BestPlanning Article MoneySo how do you manage your money while away? Give yourself some flexibility and have a few options for cashing up on your travels.  Take enough cash in each currency for your planned activities and shopping; which will help you stay on budget. As a back-up, load up some extra emergency cash on a traveler card in each currency you require and save your credit card for emergencies. If you do need to use your regular bank card while traveling, check with your bank before you go, about the fees associated with using your card overseas. Some banks may not have any extra charges at all, making this an excellent option for using your debit card which uses your available cash, without the worry of the hefty bill at the end of your trip.

Tip #3 – Take Only What You Need For the Day

Once you’ve got your money sorted, how do you manage it day to day while traveling?  Although wearing a money belt offers the security of concealing your cash and other valuables, it also screams “I’m a tourist…rob me!” every time you reach under your clothes to get into it. Unless you need them for the day, leave them in the hotel safe. If you don’t have this option, then use the money belt to conceal and carry your passport, cards and important travel documents and a smaller style bag to carry enough cash for what you need for that day. This way, if you find yourself mysteriously missing the smaller bag, your passport and backup funds will be safe. Who’s the smartie pants now?

Tip #4 – Take a Road Trip

Our5BestPlanning Article roadtripSome of your best travel experiences can be had by renting a car and exploring on a road trip.  While it may be tempting to use planes and trains and chauffeured automobiles on your travels, if you’ve ever been in a taxi on holiday, you’ve most likely zoomed past many things that you would have wanted to stop and check out but couldn’t.  Next time you travel, book a rental car, stop when you want and don’t ever miss another fantastic photo opportunity again.

Tip #5 – Learn the Lingo

It’s officially a travel faux pas to expect that everywhere you travel, they’ll speak English.  Google translate is both available and free, so why not have a bit of fun and at the very least learn to say ‘hello’ in the local language? Making an effort to communicate with the locals in their native tongue may be daunting, but your effort will be appreciated. You can even convert text into approximately 100 languages!  

While these are just a few of our best tips to help you plan for your 2018 travels, if you wanted to learn how to pack your suitcase like a pro, you can do that right here with our article

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