The Top 100 Travel Tips

The team at travel a lot! On our travels, we’ve missed flights, lost luggage, and made many other blunders. In light of these ‘learning experiences,’ we thought it was about time to share a mere 100 travel tips to make even a first-time traveler seem like a seasoned traveler in no time.

1. Take Time To Plan

100 Best Travel Tips Plans

It may be tempting to just throw a few things in a bag and hit the road. However, that only works well in the movies. The reality of life and the hiccups that can happen, mean that being prepared is essential for any traveling experience. Put some prep time into researching your destination so that you don’t get caught either without the right visa, or the right gear for your trip.

2. Take A Travel Towel

Packing a bath towel might not be the most efficient use of space. Plenty of places sell travel-friendly towels that will shrink down to nothing and dry fast. You could even use a sarong, which has multiple uses other than a bathing suit cover-up.

3. Take Plenty Of Snacks

Whether you’re on the road or flying, having extra food on hand will save you money and keep you satisfied. Consider healthier options like popcorn, pretzels, or even bringing a sandwich. Dried fruit and nuts are also good options. Be mindful of taking nut snacks on a plane due to the likelihood of other passengers having severe allergies. If you bring these on the plane, check with the other passengers on either side of you to see if they have allergies before opening yours.

3. Bring A Water Bottle

Traveling can be very dehydrating, especially if you’re a coffee lover. Caffeine is a diuretic and therefore you’ll need plenty of water to counter its dehydrating effects. This is even more relevant if you’re flying. A good rule of thumb to use is for every cup of coffee you have, have double the water. If you drink two cups of coffee then to stay hydrated, you drink three glasses of water.

4. Visit Your Doctor Before You Leave

Depending on where you’re traveling to, it’s always a good idea to have a quick check-up with your doctor before you go. Book an appointment a few weeks before your trip to get any prescriptions or vaccinations that you might need while you’re away. You might need a letter from your doctor as well to accompany the medications. So making an appointment in advance will ensure that you’ve covered your bases.

5. Get A House Sitter

The prime time for your house to get broken into is while you’re away. Thieves are opportunistic. Even if you’re only away for a couple of days, they are always on the prowl. A dark house is a target, especially if it has been like that for a couple of days. Ask a friend or family member if they would like to hang out at your place while you’re away. If you don’t have anyone to do this, there are plenty of legitimate housesitting agencies that can help find someone.

6. Check Your Suitcases

Your luggage can take a beating, especially when flying. Baggage handlers are under a lot of pressure to get bags transferred in a short period. Before you go, make sure that your bags will withstand the journey. Check for any rips or worn seams and also check the zips. If any of these things are in need of repair, it’s better to know this before you go. Avoid having your items damaged due to being exposed to the elements through a broken seam.

7. Don’t Take More Than You Need

Many travelers think that they need to pack their entire house, even if they are only going away for the weekend. Consider where you are going and whether you can take items that will do double-duty. For more on this, check out our article on how to pack your suitcase efficiently.

8. Have Separate Credit Cards

Keep your hard-earned cash safe while you’re away. Have a separate account for your travel expenses and link a new credit card with a low balance for your travels. By doing this, you will keep your ‘everyday account’ safe from fraud while you’re away. Link your daily expense account to your new travel account in case you need more cash while you’re away.  If you need to you can transfer money from your ‘everyday account’ to your linked travel account via online banking.

9. Check Bank Fees Before You Go

Don’t get caught out with fees and charges that eat into your travel fund. Check with your bank to see if there are any fees or extra costs that you might be liable for while traveling. See whether your bank has any fee-free accounts or cards. If they don’t, some banks do, so shop around to find the right fee-free option.

10. Get Lost But Be Prepared

It can be fun to wander around without a particular destination in mind. Getting lost in your experience is the best way to explore your destination. Before you go, either download your Google map to access offline or have an actual map of the area on hand to guide you. Make sure that your map is the most up to date version.

11. Bring Cable Ties

Cable ties are the savior of many a broken lock. In fact, cable ties are just as effective as having a lock and cheaper too! Use cable ties in the same way that you would a regular travel lock. You slip one end through both of your zips, then secure the cable tie and snip off the excess. If your lock breaks or someone tampers with your bag, you’ll know about it. You’ll also save money as, and you’ll be able to close your bag securely with the extra ties that you had on hand.

12. Have Digital Copies Of Your Travel Documents

Take photos of your travel documents and either save them to your cloud storage or e-mail them to yourself. Include your passport, visas, itineraries, and your travel insurance. If you lose something, you’ll be happy that you have the digital copies available.

13. Shop Local And Eat Local

When you’re traveling, whatever you do, avoid the same-old fast food places you’d typically visit. This is the time to taste something new! Visit local shops and eat at local restaurants to immerse yourself in your experience. You’ll be supporting local business and hopefully finding a new love for something you’d never have tried before.

14. Compare Everything Before Booking

The best way to know that you’ve got the best value for your money is to shop around in advance. You can compare everything from your flights, hotels and even airport transfers, right here.

15. Wear Slip-On Shoes

There’s nothing worse than being the one holding up the security line at the airport because of your shoes. Avoid wearing shoes that lace up or have too many buckles. Simple slip-on, closed toe shoes are the best.

16. Be A Points Professional

Using points to travel is a great way to save money and get stuff for free, including upgrades! Whether your points are on your credit card or a separate loyalty program, membership has its privileges. Most airlines will only give upgrades to their members. You may even need to be a member to access certain airport lounges. If you find it too frustrating to keep track of your points, you can find out how to keep track of your points here.

17. Follow The Fast Movers

Business travelers are usually more efficient at getting through airport security quickly. They also have less luggage and wear slip-on shoes! If you want to get through TSA fast, go to the line with the most business travelers!

18. Book An Airport Transfer When Traveling Internationally

Overseas cab drivers love showing up to the airport to take your money. You can often save money and time by booking an airport transfer. It’s also a much safer option to book your ride in advance.

19. Check The Train Station Reviews

Check the what?  Yes, check traveler reviews of train stations, especially if you’re traveling in Europe. Train travel is exciting. However; there are some stations that you might neither want to get off nor be waiting at. Traveler forums are a great resource of information in this regard. Stay safe and don’t get caught in the wrong place at the wrong time.

20. Don’t Visit Landmarks In The Morning

Travelers get up very early in the morning sometimes to be the first to arrive at historical sights. The best time of the day to make your pilgrimage to a landmark or historical site is either lunchtime or near the end of the day.

21. Find Out Where The Locals Go

100 Best Travel Tips Locals

If you really want to have an immersive experience, then find out where the locals hang out and go there. Whether it’s for the nightlife or a great restaurant, the locals always know where to go.

22. Don’t Forget Your First Aid Kit

There are some essential items that you should have on hand while you’re traveling. One of the first things to consider taking is a small first aid kit. You should include things like band-aids, alcohol wipes, and tweezers. Even if you get a splinter, you’ll be prepared.

23. Carry A Flashlight

Pocket-sized flashlights come in very handy. They are especially useful to have while traveling, so you don’t have to hunt around in the dark for something.

24. Don’t Eat Out All The Time

Sometimes the best part about taking a vacation is leaving the kitchen and grocery shopping behind. However, if you want to save some money for other things like experiences and souvenir shopping, then cooking for yourself some of the time is a wise choice. It can be fun to explore a local grocery store, or better still, a farmer’s market. Find local artisanal goods that you wouldn’t otherwise buy and have fun making an interesting meal. You might even have a little fun, even though you had to cook the meal yourself.

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25. Get Discounted Attraction Tickets

Many travelers wait until they arrive at their destination before they book tickets to shows and attractions. However, you can save a lot of money if you purchase in advance. With a CityPASS or Explorer Pass, you can save up to 50% off the admission to many attractions. These passes often include transportation, so you’ll also save money on that too!

26. Itemize Your Things Before Packing

Keeping an itemized list with photos of the items that you’ve packed, is a wise idea in case your luggage gets lost. This way if you need to make an insurance claim, you’ll have photos and a list as proof of what was in your bag.

27. Get Travel Insurance

We cannot stress the importance of having travel insurance enough. The idea that “it won’t happen to me” doesn’t always hold true. How would you feel if you got stuck in the middle of nowhere with an injury? If you’re not covered, even with basic insurance, you’re taking a risk.

28. Invest In Good Walking Shoes

Leave the stilettos at home if you don’t need them. If you’re going sightseeing, you’d better have a sturdy pair of comfortable shoes. You might not want to take your expensive sneakers on the trip with you. If you’re not afraid to lose them, then go ahead. If you are keen on keeping your favorite shoes intact, then invest in a good pair of walking shoes for your trip.

29. Pack A Scarf

If you don’t want to pack a full jacket, then take a large scarf. Women may prefer to use a pashmina, that can double as a blanket on the plane. Temperatures fluctuate in any climate, so be prepared like a boss.

30. Don’t Rush

100 Best Travel Tips Relax

Take your time while you’re on holiday. You’ve earned the right to ignore the alarm for a little while. If you must get up early, then pack what you need the night before so that you can linger in bed a little longer.

31. Make An Itinerary With Room For Spontaneity

It’s always good to have a plan of things you’d like to experience. However, leave room in your day for spur of the moment fun.

32. Learn The Culture

It doesn’t take too long to learn some helpful hints on how to act, dress and what to expect from a destination. Being culturally aware is something that savvy travelers do well. Learn a few phrases of the language, be prepared with suitable clothing that is respectful, and so forth.

33. Be Patient

The irony of seeing someone on holiday rushing is astounding. You’re on holiday, take your time and be patient with yourself and others. There’s nothing tackier than a rude, and impatient tourist. Be aware that other cultures may seem to sometimes operate on their own clock. Enjoy the slower pace of life that you can have while on holiday.

34. Take A Solar Powered Charging Bank

Don’t be left without power while you’re away. You can find many options for solar power banks these days. If you don’t have access to a power outlet, then having a power source that relies on solar energy, is a handy bit of gear to have.

35. Check The UV Index

The U.S typically doesn’t have the same ‘sun’ as other countries. This is especially true if you visit places like Australia. Pay attention to the UV index for the location you’re in and be ready with your sunscreen. There’s nothing worse than feeling sunburnt and having the pictures to prove it!

36. Do Online Check-In To Get The Best Seat

If you’re traveling on a long-haul flight, getting a good seat is essential for both comfort and convenience. By using online check-in, you can choose your seat in advance. If you’re not sure about the quality of the seating on your flight, use seat comparison sites. SeatLink and SeatGuru have carefully curated a variety of seat maps for many airlines. You can even read reviews on specific seats.

37. Avoid Tight Connection Times

Pay attention to how much time you have between flights before deciding to book. If you’re traveling with a family, this is of paramount importance. If you have to deal with a tight connection, then choose a seat at the front of the plane so that you can be one of the first to disembark.

38. Get Your Meal First

Don’t want to spend 15-30 minutes waiting for dinner on your flight? Order a special meal in advance. Special meals are often served first so you’ll avoid having to wait. You can often see your meal choices in advance which is handy. Another bonus is that the special meals or restricted dietary meals are often healthier and sometimes tastier too!

39. Buy A Stand Out Piece Of Luggage

If you are in the market for some new luggage, whatever you do, avoid the color black! Choose a bag that either is vibrant in color or has a design that stands out. Take a photo of your luggage before you check it. If you do lose your bag, you can show the baggage claim attendant the picture, and they’ll be able to find it more efficiently.

40. Don’t Lose Your Cool

Flight delays and cancellations happen all the time. The worst thing that you can do is go in guns blazing and fire away at the attendant.  Flight delays and canceled flights can be a golden opportunity. Sure, the inconvenience of having to deal with a delay might leave you out of pocket. However, if you lose your temper about it, you’ll most likely be waiting even longer to be helped. Suck in that frustration and work at gaining sympathy from the customer service desk. If there’s a long line, call the airline and see what they can do. It’s often a lot quicker and easier to make a phone call to speak to someone who isn’t under the pressure of angry travelers looming over them.

41. Bring A Saline Nasal Spray

Let’s face it, the recycled air on a plane can turn anyone’s nasal passages into the desert. Find an aqueous saline nasal spray that you can use to moisturize those airways. It’s also a great way to clean out any germs that you’ve breathed in, almost like a sanitizer for your nose. Don’t forget the tissues!

42. Don’t Arrive Too Early Unless You Have To

Most travelers are under the impression that you must arrive at least three hours before an international flight. While this is a wise idea if you have to go through customs, it’s not always necessary. Call the airline ahead of time and ask them if you’ll need to clear customs. Also, ask them if the flight is full. If the plane is not at capacity, and they don’t anticipate the desk to be busy, then two hours is sufficient. You can even arrive later if you’re only traveling on a domestic flight.

43. Avoid Airport Parking

Most of the time you’ll end up spending more on airport parking than if you just had someone drive you. If you don’t have anyone who can drive you then book a car or shuttle. You’ll save both time and money by doing this in advance.

44. Bring Extra Socks Or Slippers

100 Best Travel Tips socks

Packing extra socks or slippers is great whether you’re doing a road trip or flying. You’re bound to lose a pair or two if you do laundry while away so having extra socks will save the frustration of being left with mismatched pairs. If you’re on a plane and you want to take your shoes off, having fold-up slippers will save your socks and keep your feet cozy. Make sure your slippers have a rubberized sole. This way, if you have to go to the bathroom, you won’t have any wet spots that soak through the slippers. Yuck!

45. Know Where The Laundry Facilities Are

If you’re booking a hotel, see whether they have a coin-operated laundry. Better still, see if laundry facilities are complimentary. Don’t get stuck without clean clothes or a place to wash them! Know where the laundry is before you go.

46. Pack Your Chargers And Cords In Your Carry-On

Keep your chargers and cords in a separate resealable plastic bag in the front pocket of your carry-on. This will keep them free from tangling and damage and will also make them accessible. Don’t forget to pack the plug! If you don’t have access to a USB charging facility, at least you can find an outlet. The outlet will only be useful with the plug though, so don’t forget to pack it with the cords!

47. Don’t Overschedule Yourself

If you’re planning on packing a lot into your trip, don’t forget to leave room for delays. You might want to spend longer at one attraction than you had thought. Leave yourself extra time in between activities so that you don’t feel rushed.

48. Plan A Rest Day

Make sure that if you’ve planned a massive day of sightseeing, that you schedule a rest day in between. You’re likely going to be exhausted after a long day of walking around. Having a day in between exciting adventures is crucial if you want to get the most out of your trip.

49. Call Your Accommodation Before You Arrive

Hotels are notorious for overbooking their rooms. Avoid the disappointment of getting bumped by calling ahead to confirm. If the hotel has overbooked and you get bumped from your room, make sure that you ask for an upgrade. The hotel should be ready to accommodate your request since they have inconvenienced you. You might even be upgraded to a much better room or get some free meals out of the inconvenience.

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50. Call Your Cell Phone Provider Before You Leave

Don’t get caught out with extra roaming charges while you’re away. Call your phone company to see whether they have an option that will allow you to avoid racking up roaming fees. If your phone is compatible with the country you’re visiting, see if you can get an international phone card to use. You’ll have to do your research, but you might end up saving a ton of cash if you do this.

51. Use The Airport Lounges

100 Best Travel Tips Airport Lounge

If you’ve got frequent flying miles, see whether you can have access to the airport lounge. If you haven’t got enough miles to gain access, you can usually purchase access. Airport lounges offer an excellent convenience if you have a layover of more than two hours. Airport lounges typically have free wi-fi as well as snacks. You can sit back and relax in comfort for a couple of hours, without wasting too much money on unnecessary purchases.

52. Don’t Overdo It On The Fast Food

Somehow, your body recognizes when you’re traveling and decides to throw you a digestive ‘curveball.’ Make sure you eat a good balance of healthy options alongside your treats. If you’re flying, then avoid heavy meals as your digestion is generally slower at higher altitudes. Having a lighter meal on your flight can also help you to sleep better.

53. Avoid The Middle Seat

Unless you are traveling with friends or family, the middle seat is a nightmare. For the best sleep on a plane, choose the window seat. You won’t be disturbed as much, and you can use the wall as a headrest. Although, if you need to use the restroom frequently, an aisle seat might be a better option for you.

54. Check For Valuables After Visiting The Restroom

Whether you’ve stopped at a rest stop or you are in transit to board your next flight, check your stuff. Do you have your phone, keys, wallet, carry-on? You’d be surprised what gets left behind in the restroom, especially when you’re traveling with kids.

55. Bring Baby Wipes

Baby wipes are amazing little things that many uses other than for babies’ bottoms. Any mom will tell you that she doesn’t leave home without at least one pack of them on hand. Even if you don’t have kids, you can use baby wipes for cleaning your hands, armrests, clothing, etc. They are also great for spot cleaning your shoes. You never know when you could step in something smelly. You know what I’m talking about.

56. Set Your Watch As Soon As You Change Time Zones

If you are wearing a watch, make sure that you change the time as soon as you arrive at your destination. Also when you’re driving, make sure that your phone has updated the time change as well. So If you don’t have a watch, get one. You don’t want to have to rely solely on your phone for the time. It can be a hassle to have to dig in a purse or bag for your phone everytime you need to check the time.

57. Dress Comfortably

Even if you’re trying to get upgraded to first class, you should wear travel-friendly clothing. Wearing light layers is the key. It doesn’t matter what the mode of transportation is for your trip. It’s always easier to cool down than it is to warm up.

58. Be Aware Of Tipping Practices

100 Best Travel Tips Tip Jar

In the U.S it’s standard practice to tip someone when you’ve received tip-worthy service. Many countries don’t have the same etiquette when it comes to tipping so do some research ahead of time to find out what the expectation is. If tipping isn’t allowed or required, it may be because it the price you’ve paid is inclusive of a tip.

59. Find Out If Your Luggage Is Checked All The Way Through

If you have one or more connections, check whether or not your bags need to be collected and rechecked. Having to collect your luggage and then recheck it can add a lot of transit time. If you have a short connection, see if you can have your bags checked all the way through so there’s no surprise at your final destination.

60. Check All Public Transportation Schedules

When you’re on holiday, you tend to forget about schedules. In many countries, train and bus schedules can vary depending on holidays, etc. For example, you should always be early for trains in Japan, because being even a few seconds late can mean that you might miss your train.

61. Don’t Rely On The Taxi Meter

100 Best Travel Tips Taxi

If you’re going to use a taxi, make sure that you negotiate a rate before you get in. The meter isn’t always reliable, and if you couple that with a language barrier, it could be a disaster. Ask the customer service agent at your accommodation about the taxi services in the area. They may recommend that you use an alternate form of transportation altogether.

62. Don’t Forget To Call Your Bank Before You Go

If you go on a shopping spree in another country and you haven’t called your bank, you risk having your card canceled. Banks are pretty on to the fraud situation these days. To avoid this hassle, call your bank and let them know where you’ll be. By doing this, your bank won’t put a stop on your account if they see an overseas activity.

63. Know The Border Crossing Rules

Different countries have different rules for crossing their borders. If you have any fruit or other prohibited items, you could end up spending a lot of time stuck at a border crossing. Do your research and make sure that you have what you need to cross safely. In parts of Europe, be aware of the Schengen Code. You can find more information about this here. (link to the Schengen code page)

64. Have Various Ways To Access Your Money

Don’t carry too much cash on you when you’re traveling. Make a spending budget for the day and stick to it. If you saw something that you wanted but didn’t factor it into your budget, you can go back the next day if you need to. You’ll also avoid making unnecessary purchases. Have a traveling card loaded with different currencies that you can use in a pinch. You can access your money at ATMs all over the world, just be aware of the fees.

65.  Check The Toll Prices

Taking a road trip? Don’t forget that the cost of tolls varies from state to state. Check the state toll pricing if you are visiting more than one state and keep the correct change handy.

66. Hire A Guide

If you are traveling in Asian countries, it can be helpful to hire a guide who speaks the language. Many reputable companies can assist with this. Do your research, and you will find that having a guide can help you avoid a lot of unnecessary trouble, especially if you are crossing borders.

67. Find Other Like-Minded Travelers To Socialize With

If you’re traveling solo, it’s great to get out there and socialize with other travelers. Visit a festival, go to the local hostel, have a coffee with a stranger. Whatever you do, get out there and see who you will be up exploring the sites with you.

68. Don’t Take Photos In Religious Places

Be mindful that photography may not be allowed in certain sacred places. Check for signs and if you’re not sure, then ask someone who works there if it’s appropriate. Some of the monks in Tibet don’t mind having their photo taken, but it’s always polite to ask first.

69. Keep Your Expectations In Check

While visiting a fantastic historical site might be the most exciting thing ever, don’t overestimate them. We often see photos of the most amazing places and things, but if they’re not as we picture them, it can be disappointing. Keep your excitement in check so that you don’t feel as disappointed if it wasn’t what you were expecting.

70. Double-Check Addresses

So you’ve downloaded your Google map, and you’ve got the address of where you’re going so you’re okay right?  Think again! If you’ve got a specific list of instructions for getting to a place, make sure that you have them on hand. Sure, Google will have the address, but if you need to go through a maze of doors and alleys to get there, you’d better have the instructions.

71. Carry Toilet Paper or Tissues

Having an extra supply of toilet paper or tissues is invaluable. In Cambodia, if you go to the restroom at the market, you’ll have a squat toilet and a hose. If you’re not comfortable using that, you’d better have your own supply on hand.

72. Carry Peppermint Oil

Peppermint oil is said to help with headaches, stomach cramps, and of course, bad breath. A small vial of peppermint oil can come in handy if you need some relief after a big meal. It also is known to deter ants and other insects.

73.  Beware Of The Cheapest Flight Option

These days we all want to find cheap flights, but how competitive is the bargain basement deal you found?

74. Wear An Alarm

If you’re traveling solo, take an emergency safety alarm with you. Safety is always a priority, especially when you’re traveling alone. You can find discreet, wearable alarms online that can help you in an emergency.

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75. Don’t Keep Your Cash In Your Room

If your accommodation offers a safe, use it. But don’t store your valuables like your cash and passport in your room, whatever you do.

76. Wear A Medical Alert Bracelet

There are plenty of flexible options to choose from that can help in an emergency. If you’re allergic to medications, foods or have a medical issue, wearing a medical alert bracelet could save your life. You can also use these bracelets for your emergency contact details. So if needed, either the hotel or emergency services can contact your next of kin or travel partner.

77. Give Your Emergency Contact Details To Your Accommodation Provider

If something happens to you while you’re traveling, the hotel can help if they know who to call.

78. If You Change Plans, Tell Someone

Adventure travel is quite popular these days. If you are planning on doing a risky activity, make sure you notify someone. If you decide to go somewhere that’s not on your itinerary, let someone know. That way, if you don’t show up when you’re expected to, you won’t set off any unnecessary alarm bells.

79. Check The Water Quality

100 Best Travel Tips Water

Just because you’re not going to a third world country doesn’t mean the water will be okay to drink. Check the water quality before you go. If necessary, you can keep a supply in your room and fill up before you go out.

80. Check The Location Of Your Accommodation

Knowing how close you are to attractions will help you decide on your mode of transportation. Try and stay within walking distance of the majority of your activities. Also, make sure that your location is safe. The cheap hotel deal you got, might be in an unsafe part of town. Knowing the reputation of a neighborhood is always a good idea so that you stay safe.

81. Take Food For The Day

Packing a picnic will save you money. If you are doing activities that will run throughout meal times, having your own snacks is ideal. If you can’t pack a picnic, then make sure that you know where you can find suitable food options.

82. Dress Like A Local

It’s important to try and blend in with the locals while you’re traveling. Make sure that your clothing options reflect the culture of the locals. This is especially important if you are visiting countries that frown upon showing too much. Avoid wearing offensive graphic t-shirts, or very short shorts. Respect is key.

83. Don’t Overestimate The Space In Your Luggage

It’s fun to buy souvenirs of your travels, and gifts for friends and loved ones. You may be tempted to purchase an additional piece of luggage to lug that one of a kind artifact home, but is it worth the cost? Excess baggage fees can sometimes cost more than all the souvenirs you bought. If you’ve only brought one bag and you have an allowance for another, then fine. However, don’t overestimate the room in your suitcase.

84. Don’t Try To Join The Mile High Club

If you’re planning on getting intimate on your flight, think again. Public displays of affection can be uncomfortable for others, and therefore disrespectful. In some countries, you could risk getting arrested, or worse, thrown in jail. Get a room. It’s just not worth the risk.

85.  Bring Earplugs And An Eye Mask

If you want to get a little shut-eye on a plane, a train, or in the car, bring earplugs and an eye mask. You’ll find it much easier to drift off if you drown out distractions by blocking your ears and eyes.

86. Bring A Laundry Bag

Keep your dirty stuff separate by putting it in a portable laundry bag. In a pinch, you can use a pillowcase.

87. Use Shower Caps For Your Shoes

A cost-effective option for keeping your shoes away from your clothes is to slip a shower cap over them. You can buy shoe bags, but if you want to save a few bucks, use shower caps.

88. Pack Everything In Your Carry-On

A good rule of thumb for packing is to put everything out that you would pack, then put half of it away. Savvy travelers can often get away with only taking a carry-on. Check out these tips on how to pack efficiently, and you may never go back to a big suitcase again.

89. Don’t Forget Your Umbrella

100 Best Travel Tips Umbrella

For some reason, we tend to leave our umbrellas at home when we are traveling. You can find compact umbrellas that will come in handy if you get caught in an afternoon shower. It’s also great for some added sun protection, so don’t forget to pack yours.

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90. Check Which Way The Traffic Is Going Before You Cross The Street

In some countries, crossing the street is a life and death experience depending on the time of day. When crossing the road at a busy intersection, stop and watch how it’s done the first time around. Then, when you’ve seen which way the locals are looking, and which way the cars are coming from, follow the other local pedestrians. Whatever you do, don’t dawdle when crossing the street in Vietnam!

91. Book Flights On A Tuesday or Wednesday

Airlines tend to see what fares aren’t selling well and then slash prices. If you check out our flight comparison tool on a Tuesday, you might get the deal of the century on those days.

92. Avoid Sitting In The Emergency Seat Row

Unless you are a very tall person, avoid sitting in the emergency row seats. While you may get extra legroom, these seats don’t recline. It’s not as comfortable as you’d think if you have to sleep sitting straight up.

93. Avoid Standing By The Door On A Train

Pickpockets are everywhere when you’re traveling abroad. One of the most famous ways to be the next victim is to stand right by the door on a crowded train. The people that are waiting for you are the pickpockets. Thieves tend to stand close to doors so that they can quickly grab something from you and run. The doors will close too fast for you to catch them, so it’s the perfect theft. Be aware of your surroundings. Keep an eye out to see whether or not people are standing close because there isn’t enough room, or to steal from you.

94. Don’t Wear Baseball Caps In Italy

Italians are quite well-dressed and wearing an item like a baseball cap is quite tacky for this part of Europe. If you must wear a hat, invest in a nice quality hat from a boutique. You’ll fit in with the locals and feel a little more sophisticated too.

95. Beware Of Street Sellers

Many street sellers will not leave you alone if you give them the time of day. If you want to buy a souvenir, go to a proper shop that sells them and buy something there. Some street sellers are even posing as a distraction to help pickpockets. Buyer beware.

96. Check The Taxi Before You Get In

It’s a common practice for illegitimate taxis to operate outside train stations and airports. Don’t get scammed, or worse and check the credentials of the taxi driver before getting in.

97. Be Mindful Of Your Volume

Talking too loudly on a train or in a restaurant can be frowned upon, especially in France. You can often hear a pin drop on the Metro, so keep your voice down to a dull roar.

98. Research Your All-Inclusive’s Fine Print

All-inclusive depends on your interpretation of the phrase. If you want all your activities and meals included, then check to make sure that there aren’t any exceptions. All-Inclusive holidays are usually good value; just don’t lose the wristband they give you at the resort. You’ll have to pay a hefty replacement fee if you do.

99. Go Incognito

When you’re in research mode for flights and hotels, use the incognito window in Google. The little bots that are tracking your online searches are keeping track of the dates you’re searching for etc. This information goes back to the company, and you’ll be less likely to grab a cheap deal. If you have a VPN, that’s even better to use for your searching.

100. Use Fragile Stickers On Your Luggage

Baggage attendants have a limited time to move your luggage from the plane to the conveyor. You can bet that your suitcase will be thrown, left in the rain, and even stood on. Mark your bag with fragile stickers and your bag should be not only handled with care but also prioritized to be put out first.

There you have it folks, 100 of our best travel tips for every traveler! Did you learn something new? We hope so. Travel tips are so handy and make your life easier. Stay safe and have an awesome experience wherever you go.

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