Trying To Work Out How To Save To Get Away?

The pressures of a hectic life can really take their toll after a while. While you may feel like getting away is just not a financial reality for you, has a few tips to help work out how to save to make your well-deserved vacation happen faster than you had thought possible.

It’s exciting thinking about the prospect of a long-awaited holiday. So how do you get there when your bank balance is telling you a different story? You don’t have to be ‘rollin’ in dough’ to have the holiday of your dreams. All it takes is a little elbow grease and of course, the following quick tips to get you on your way!

Choose Your Holiday With The End Goal In Mind

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End goal? Isn’t the goal just to relax and get away? Perhaps it is, but that’s just the beginning of your planning journey. Think about the reason you want this holiday. Is it just to relax or do you want to have an adventure? Will you backpack or bring ‘Big Bertha’ to fill with many treasures from your travels? These things will dictate the length of time you may need to save. If you just want a weekend getaway, it’s going to cost a lot less than an around the world adventure. In any event, before you can figure out how to save, you’ve got to plan your escape. This is simply done by starting with your destination and the end goal in mind.

Estimate Your Travel Costs

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Your costs will obviously vary depending on your destination, your mode of transportation, your preferred type of accommodation and your activities. Booking a trip to Fiji to relax on the beach can be done either resort style or backpacker style. Both are great options but incur very different costs. So how do you figure it all out?

You can start by estimating how much your flight costs will be. Using our flight search section will help you how to check prices in real-time by month and to see daily price fluctuations will help you to plan which month has the best deals and which day is the cheapest to fly. Simply enter your closest major city to depart from and add all the airports that you’re prepared to depart from. Your next step is to do the same for the destination city. See what airports are nearby to your actual destination as the main airport can sometimes be the most expensive to fly into. Finally, instead of putting in specific dates, click on ‘Departure’ and choose the ‘Anytime’ option. By doing this, you will be able to see daily prices and scroll across the months to see when the prices fluctuate. Wednesdays are usually the cheapest days to fly.

Budget Bravely

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It takes strength and discipline to create a travel budget and stick with it. Using budgeting tools that allow you to figure out how much you’ll need is a great option. They also help you to work out how much you’ll have to put away every paycheck so you can start to set aside a manageable amount either weekly, bi-weekly or however it suits you. Keeping your budget tool handy, whether it’s an app or a simple spreadsheet will help you to see where you can move funds around to make your dream holiday happen much faster.

Set Up Your Travel Fund

There are a couple of ways to do this. The first way to do this would be to set up a bank account that is separate to your regular spending account. Make sure that you can’t easily access the cash with your debit card! If you use online banking, having a visual aid to check the balance of your travel fund from time to time will help you keep your savings mojo flowing. It will help to keep you on track, especially when you’re on the verge of making an unnecessary purchase.

Your adventure or much-needed break is not as far away as you think. By applying these simple tips, you’ll be on your way in no time! Stop dreaming and start planning!

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